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Projects compendium Part VIII (2009) - Bfi

Projects compendium Part VIII (2009) - Bfi

Publics: people with

Publics: people with disabilitiesDICOMP TransferDigitale Kompetenz von blinden Menschen als Basis für Arbeit undfür berufliche BildungProgramme: Lifelong Learning Programme,Leonardo da VinciProject number: 2009-1-AT1-LEO05-01185Project period: Oct. 2009–Sept. 2011Contractor: bfi SteiermarkThe DICOMP Transfer project focuses on thesituation of blind and visually impaired people inEurope who, in an increasingly digitised world,face discrimination especially where access tovocational training and to the labour market isconcerned. It is impossible to get high-qualityjobs or to take part in complex vocational (further)training programmes without being able touse IT-based forms of communication. This inturn means that, due to lack of appropriate aidsand tools, blind and visually impaired people arefacing enormous barriers that contribute to highunemployment rates of more than 70 per centamong Europe’s blind population.In most countries, the existing technologies thatwould permit visually impaired people access toelectronic learning are not affordable and thusnot usable for the target group, as the socialwelfare systems of the countries in question areweak or inexistent. The DICMOP Transfer projectadapts and implements the only existinggratis package of instruments in Europe thatpermits picking up IT-based contents. Thispackage was developed in the context of aneLearning project (DICOMP-S.NET) and will betransferred to the newly defined target countries.Project Web site:http://www.screenreader4free.euContact:Michaela Wriessneggerbfi SteiermarkEggenberger Allee 15A–8020 GrazTel.: +43 5 72 70 2203Fax: +43 5 72 70 2299E-mail:michaela.wriessnegger@bfistmk.atWeb site:http://www.bfi-stmk.atTransnational partners:Assist NetBulgariahttp://www.assist-net.eue-ISOTISGreecehttp://www.e-isotis.orgHarpo Sp. z o. o.Poland School S. L.Spainhttp://www.lawtonschool.comAltinokta Körler DerneğiTurkey CICUKhttp://www.screenreader.netEU Projects Compendium bfiSt.VIII.1

Publics: older people, relatives,skilled workersELSA – Empowering Lives, Supporting AffectivityProgramme: Lifelong Learning Programme,ICTProject number: 505490-LLP-1-2009-1-IT-KA3-KA3MPProject period: Dec. 2009–Nov. 2011Contractor: Team s.r.l.Italy on an analysis of the needs of people dependenton assistance and care and the knowhowthat relatives caring for them need on theone hand and reports by carers describing theirexperience on the other, ELSA draws up amanual with guidelines that aims at enhancingthe knowledge of relatives providing care andthus improving the situation of older people. Inaddition, instructions for performing essentialeveryday care tasks for older people who needassistance at home are given. The results arepresented to a wider public in six workshops, aWeb site in several languages and Web 2.0networks. Furthermore, a final conference willbe held in Genoa, where approximately 100 expertsfrom the fields of care as well as educationand training will present all project activities.Contact at the bfi:Eva Bischoferbfi SteiermarkMariengasse 24A–8020 GrazTel.: +43 5 72 70 2309Fax: +43 5 72 70 2398E-mail:eva.bischofer@bfi-stmk.atWeb site:http://www.bfi-stmk.atOther transnationalpartners:Studio Taf s.a.s.Italyhttp://www.studiotaf.itSocialinių inovacijų fondasLithuaniahttp://www.lpf.ltEdinburgh Chamber ofCommerceUK Lothian CollegeUK Projects Compendium bfiSt.VIII.2

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