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Projects compendium Part VIII (2009) - Bfi

Projects compendium Part VIII (2009) - Bfi

Publics: womenFamilie

Publics: womenFamilie und Beruf ist Reiter‘s!Programme: ESF Phasing Out ProgrammeProject number: LAD-FR-ESF110/5-2009Project period: Jan. 2009–Dec. 2009Contractor: bfi BurgenlandEspecially for women it is often hard to reconcilejob and family duties. This project, whichaddresses women working at Reiter’s resort atBad Tatzmannsdorf in the province of Burgenland,helps them meet this challenge byseeking the best possible ways of combiningfamily responsibilities and paid work, which inturn will increase the workers’ job satisfaction.This will improve the situation at work, and ifrequired and/or staff wish to do so, they maychange from part-time to full-time work. In addition,it is attempted to find solutions for timeswhen it is difficult to organise childcare, e.g. inthe morning and at the end of the working dayas well as during holidays. Eventually, the dualburden for working mothers should be reducedand women should be able to hold a jobwithout having to worry about neglecting theirchildren.Project steps: extensive research and detailed project development; pilot project and model development; presentation of the project and all models tothe hotel management; decision on which model should be implemented; planning, preparation and implementation ofthe selected model; evaluation.Contact:Dorothea Csecsinovitsbfi BurgenlandGrazer Straße 86A–7400 OberwartTel.: +43 3352 389 80 2122Fax: +43 3352 389 80 2128E-mail:d.csecsinovits@bfiburgenland.atWeb site:http://www.bfi-burgenland.atNational partner:Reiter’s Burgenland Resorthttp://www.reitersburgenlandresort.atEU Projects Compendium bfiB.VIII.2

Publics: skilled workers, trainers,job politicians, trade unionists, educationinstitutions, enterprises, professional associationsBASIMET – FacharbeiterInnenausbildungen Oberösterreich –SüdböhmenProgramme: ERDFProject number: M00112Project period: April 2009–March 2011Contractor: bfi OberösterreichThis project is implemented in the context ofthe European territorial co-operation betweenAustria and the Czech Republic 2007–2013. Itfocuses on the following aspects: developing a model for basic vocationaltraining and partial qualifications in the fieldsof metalwork and metal technology; organising pilot training courses; drawing up recommendations for recognitionin Austria and the Czech Republic of thebasic qualifications defined in the project; designing modular further training options fortechnical skills acquired both informally andformally, including the possibility of recognitionat national and EU levels.Contact:Gerhard Zahrerbfi OberösterreichGrillparzerstraße 50A–4020 LinzTel.: +43 732 69 22 5090Fax: +43 732 69 22 5731E-mail:gerhard.zahrer@bfi-ooe.atWeb site:http://www.bfi-ooe.atTransnational partners:COP – Vyńńí odborná ńkola,Střední ńkola, Centrumodborné přípravyCzech Republichttp://www.copsu.czJSRLZ – Jihočeskáspolečnost pro rozvoj lidskýchzdrojů, o.p.s.Czech Republichttp://www.jsrlz.czÚřad práce v ČeskýchBudějovicíchCzech Republichttp://www.c-budejovice.czVŃTE – Vysoká ńkolatechnická a ekonomická vČeských BudějovicíchCzech Republichttp://is.vstecb.czEU Projects Compendium bfiO.VIII.1

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