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Carrick Hill 135 - Wakefield Press

Carrick Hill 135 - Wakefield Press


Carrick Hill has now been open to the public for twenty-five years. The Carrick Hill Trust,which has overall responsibility for the property, is delighted to join with the Carrick HillDevelopment Foundation Inc. to celebrate their ten year anniversary to publish this importantbook – Carrick Hill: A Portrait.The Government of South Australia through Arts SA continues to provide an annual operating grantfor Carrick Hill, however raising funds to further support Sir Edward and Lady Hayward’s most generouslegacy to the state of South Australia continues to be a challenging task. It is one the DevelopmentFoundation has diligently pursued.Without funding from the Foundation many vital projects would not have gone ahead. These includesuch necessary initiatives as the Water Management Plan to sustain the formal garden, and the inspiringChildren’s Story Book Trail, which adds extra appeal to a visit to Carrick Hill for young children andtheir families.Another of the Foundation’s initiatives was to support a program of three exhibitions focussing onthe art collection that is at the heart of the Haywards’ achievement and the Carrick Hill experience. Thebronze portraits by British sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein and the floral still life paintings by Nora Heysenand Adrian Feint are all well represented in the Carrick Hill collection but little known about outside ofSouth Australia. The successful interstate touring of these exhibitions after they were shown at CarrickHill raised the national profile of the Haywards’ collection and brought it to a much wider audience.But how do we bring a wider audience to the house and garden that are also an integral part of theCarrick Hill experience? This book evokes, through word and image, the spirit of this special place.It inspires people to take another look at the story of this home and the people who created it in a different,bygone era. The further we travel in time from the mid twentieth century and Australia’s detachment fromthe British Empire, the more fascinating Carrick Hill becomes as a social document and a reflection of lifefrom that era.Kathie Massey | Chair, Carrick Hill TrustThe Hon Robert Lawson QC | Chair, Carrick Hill Development Foundation Inc.

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