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ServiceWe do not limit

ServiceWe do not limit our field of work to the production and sale of our productsbut we offer a complete service around the systainer ® product line.ConsultationFor your individual needs we will work in cooperationwith you to find a suitable solutionfor your demands, and make you a competitiveoffer.We will support you in your marketing strategyas well as in the creation of the specificationsheet.Planning and making of samplesAccording to your needs, we will plan andconstruct the product and will create a samplein our workshop.ColoursApart from our two basic colours you havethe choice from several other colour variants.PrintYour company logo or a publicity slogan canbe printed on the handle, the lid, on all fourcatches and on all four sides of the systainer ® ,even in colour print. You have also thepossibility to add a sticker.DesignWith an individual choice of colours for handle,catches and body, you can adapt the image ofyour systainer ® to your corporate design.basic coloursRAL 7035 light greyRAL 7016 anthracitestandard coloursRAL 1007 daffodil yellowRAL 3002 carmine redRAL 5015 sky blueRAL 5003 sapphire blueRAL 6001 emerald greenHKS 54 K signal greenRAL 9016 whiteRAL 9004 blackconsultationEuro-standardisedThe size of the systainer ® units arestandardised which allow flat stacking,save on volume and money in the transportationon pallets – whether in lorries,ware house or in retail outlets.DistributionAll systainer ® -products are stocked in ourmodern ware house until the production iscomplete. Afterwards, we will arrangethe delivery. We will also arrange directdelivery to your client for you.The idea Packing Organising Presenting Transporting The idea of a system Service 14 |15

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