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ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions


The Cycle of Water: Clean WaterWATER AND WASTEWATER MARKET AND FORECASTS, 2005-2012• The expenditures for municipal water andwastewater applications were $8,066 million in2005, $9,575 million in 2006, and $11,290 millionin 2007. They are expected to grow at compoundannual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.2% and reach$39,709 million by 2012.• The infrastructure applications market was $6,611million in 2005, $7,862 million in 2006 and willexceed $9,287 million in 2007. This is expected togrow at a CAGR of 22.6% to reach $32,041 millionby 2012.• The market for industrial water and wastewaterequipment was $3,256 million in 2005, $3,926million in 2006 and will exceed $4,696 million in2007. On its current trajectory it will grow at aCAGR of 14.2% to reach $10,111 million.ITT’s Place In The Cycle of Water: Everything But The Pipes

The Cycle of Water: Clean WaterRAW WATER INTAKEWater from lakes, rivers, streams, the rain, the sea orthe ground either flows by gravity or is pumped into awater treatment intake facility. Through a combinationof actions such as sedimentation, natural coagulation,and chemical interactions, storage can improve water’sphysical and microbiological characteristics, andtherefore, help defend against the transmission ofwaterborne diseases.Groundwater is also utilized by drilling a well ofappropriate depth to reach an underground aquifer.Most commonly, a submersible pump is placed inthe well to pump the water to the surface; or for ashallow well, a surface mounted jet pump can performthe same function. This subsurface water is typicallya relatively pure source but can require treatmentto remove bacterial or heavy metal contamination,to filter out sand that infiltrates into the well, or toperform a softening treatment that reduces mineralsand improves taste. Groundwater is generallydisinfected to guard against pathogens and to ensureits continuing purity while it resides in distributionnetworks.CASE STORY:Arkansas City Makes the Mostof Modular PumpsFacing a water shortage during peak usagetimes, the city of El Dorado in Arkansasturned to ITT to design and manufacture anefficient, modular, skid-mounted pumpingsystem to draw water from five new deepwells.13

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