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ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions


The Cycle of Water: Clean Waterpotable water distributionThe Safe Drinking Water Act defines “public watersystem” as “one that serves piped water to at least 25persons or 15 service connections for at least 60 daysper year.” Distributing water from the treatment plantto the users is done through a complicated network ofpipes, treated water reservoirs, pumps, and valves.All distribution systems have losses due to leakage.A sophisticated microphonic instrument called acorrelator is used to pinpoint leaks in pipes.Operation of the water distribution network focuses ontwo main areas: customer service and leakage control.Many systems operate with a combination of gravityfed and pumped supplies; in some cases, both on thesame main. Large pipes called “mains” move the waterfrom the tank to the user. Customers are connected tothese distribution mains via individual house servicelines.Pump stations move water from one location toanother through the water distribution network. Waterdistribution networks can be valued at around 80% ofa water company’s assets.Pressure-reducing valves are used to control pressureat the user’s faucet. If pressure is too high, water willcome out of the faucet too fast and possibly damagetaps and pipes. If the pressure is too low, flow will betoo slow and could present fire fighting problems.CASE STORY:ITT Turbine Pumps inJamaican Water ProjectIn a long-anticipated municipal water supplyapplication in Jamaica, ITT’s Goulds Pumpsbrand supplied the pumps and the expertiseto bring running water for the first time tothe communities of Withorn and Darliston.This new water supply project will improvethe health and the economic outlook ofthese communities by providing clean,potable running water.ITT’s Place In The Cycle of Water: Everything But The Pipes

The Cycle of Water: Clean WaterELEVATED WATER STORAGEWater towers come in all shapes and sizes but all haveone thing in common: height. Elevation helps conserveenergy by using gravity to move water through thepipes to the users. In this manner, constant waterpressure is maintained. In flat regions, elevated waterreservoirs are a necessity in order to provide sufficientpressure for delivery into the distribution system. Largepipes called “mains” move the water from the tank tothe users.Water from the treatment plant is fed into thesestorage units by centrifugal pumps. The pumps arecritical in maintaining a constant level of fluid. Ancillaryequipment, including booster pumps and valves, isusually contained inside the cylindrical shaft of thestorage vessel. As systems are expanded, booster setsmay need to be added to the distribution network tocompensate for customers at higher elevations or atthe end of long piping runs with high friction losses.CASE STORY:Aquavar-Equipped PumpsSupply Water to MassachusettsHousing DevelopmentIn a new housing development on a hill inMassachusetts, pumps from ITT’s GouldsPumps brand were equipped with theAquavar variable speed control system,providing an economical and reliable waterpressure solution from large water storagetanks to elevated customer locations.25

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