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ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions


GlossaryITT’s Place In The Cycle of Water: Everything But The Pipes

Glossary of Key TermsActivated-Sludge ProcessBiological wastewater treatment process that convertsnonsettleable (suspended, dissolved, and colloidalsolids) organic materials to a settleable product usingaerobic and facultative microorganisms.Advanced Wastewater TreatmentAny physical, chemical, or biological treatment processused to accomplish a degree of treatment greater thanthat achieved by secondary treatment.Aeration(1) The bringing about of intimate contact betweenair and a liquid by; (a) spraying the liquid in the air,(b) bubbling air through the liquid, or (c) agitatingthe liquid to promote surface absorption of air. (2)The supplying of air to confined spaces under nappes,downstream from gates in conduits, and so on, torelieve low pressures and to replenish air entrained andremoved from such confined spaces by flowing water.(3) Relief of the effects of cavitation by admitting air tothe affected section.AlumAluminum sulfate is used as a coagulant in clarificationand/or filtration. Dissolved in water, alum hydrolyzesinto aluminum hydroxide adn sulfuric acid. Toprecipitate the hydroxide, as needed for coagulation,the water must have sufficient alkalinity.Anaerobic(1) A condition in which free and dissolved oxygenis unavailable. (2) Requiring or not destroyed by theabsence of air or free oxygen.AnoxicCondition in which oxygen is available in the combinedform only; there is no free oxygen. Anoxic sections inan activated sludge plant or tertiary filtration plant maybe used for denitrification.Bar ScreenA screen composed of parallel bars, either vertical orinclined, placed in a waterway to catch debris. Trappedmaterials (screenings) are raked from it either manuallyor automatically. Also called bar rack.Biological Process(1) The metabolic activities of bacteria and othermicroorganisms, as in during the breakdown ofcomplex organic materials into simple, more stablesubstances during sludge digestion and secondarywastewater treatment. (2) Any chemical processinvolving living organisms and their life activities. Alsocalled biochemical process.BiosolidsThe solid organic matter recovered from wastewatertreatment processes and used, especially as fertilizer.Brackish WaterTypically ground or surface water with a mediumto low salt content, often defined as less than

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