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ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT: An In-Depth

ITT: An In-Depth LookFluid technology: Market-based solutionsITT Fluid Technology brings its product and servicesportfolio to market through three market-orientedbusiness units:Water and WastewaterITT’s Water & Wastewater value center providesa complete offering to municipal and industrialwastewater transport and treatment customersincluding a full range of wastewater and dewateringpumps, secondary biologic treatment, filtration anddisinfection products.Industrial ProcessITT’s Industrial Process value center brings to marketthe most complete portfolio of pumps, valves andcontrol systems for industrial markets includingchemical, water and wastewater, pulp & paper,hydrocarbon processing, power generation, mining,and niche industrial applications.Residential and Commercial WaterITT’s Residential & Commercial Water value centermanufactures and markets pumps, systems andaccessories for residential, municipal and commercialapplications including water, wells, HVAC systems,pressure boosters, boiler controls and fire protection.Improving Plant ProfitabilityOptimizing pump life cycle performance providesa path to help reduce plant operating cost and hasthe potential to achieve 30% to 70% improvementsin energy and maintenance cost, while improvingboth pump and process reliability. Leveraging 150+years in process machinery design, manufacture, andoperation, ITT’s Monitoring and Control solutionshave one goal – improving plant profitability. ITT hasproducts and services that target important issues ofprocess uptime, maintenance, and energy costs.ITT’s ProSmart systems provide continuous, predictivemonitoring for all rotating equipment at anexceptionally low price. With ProSmart, the focus ofa Predictive Maintenance Program (PdM) can changefrom data collection to analysis and improvementactivities. In addition, by continuously monitoring plantequipment, ProSmart can proactively warn of onsettingmachinery problems.PumpSmart pump control systems provide real-timecontrol and protection for centrifugal pumps whilealso providing valuable process insight. By protectingagainst unplanned pump failure due to process upsets,PumpSmart can keep plant processes running longerand eliminate unplanned repair activities. By rightsizingpumps, PumpSmart can help reduce not onlyenergy consumption, but also wear and tear on aprocess system.Reducing Pump Energy Consumption is HighPriority for ITTITT's PROsmartTM predictive condition monitoringsystem provides protection for all types ofmunicipal and industrial pumps and rotatingequipment, 24/7, and also has the ability to alert/alarm treatment plant operators remotely.Energy consumption is a huge concern in everymarketplace served by pumps. Because pumps areespecially intertwined with water use, lowering energycosts has become a guiding priority for ITT engineers.ITT’s new generation of vertical turbine pumps forthe residential and commercial water markets vividlyillustrates that point. The pump’s two percent boostin base efficiency translates into a very significant 10percent reduction in lifecycle costs for the customer.The N-pump, designed for wastewater applications,reflects similar synergies, using 20 to 30 percent lessenergy and lowering life-long maintenance costs. AsITT’s Place In The Cycle of Water: Everything But The Pipes

ITT: An In-Depth LookFluid technology and the cycle of waterenergy conservation measures become critical tocustomer’s operations, ITT’s smart pumping systemssuch as the Hydrovar provides microprocessorcontrol of any centrifugal pump, reducing energyexposure.The comprehensive lifecycle assessment associatedwith ITT’s focus on reducing pump energy exposureminimizes every aspect of its environmental impact,both internally and at the customer site.Raw Water Intake• Skid-mounted, packaged water booster pumpstations.• Large, submersible propeller and mixed flowpumps.• Dry-mounted pumping applications, includingLarge End Suction Pumps, Chemical Feed, VerticalTurbine Pumps and Single-Stage Double SuctionPumps.• A wide range of centrifugal, cast iron centrifugaland submersible pump systems and accessories, aswell as submersible borehole pumps and line shaftturbines.• Stainless steel centrifugal and submersible pumpsystems and accessories.Desalination• Pretreatment prior to membrane filtrationof seawater is a process for efficient andcost-effective desalination. Pretreatment isaccomplished using dissolved air flotation inconjunction with media filtration or mediafiltration alone.• Reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF)membrane technologies including standardsystems, custom engineered systems andproducts/components to produce high purity orpotable water from brackish water and seawatersources. ITT’s RO systems are used for pure waterproduction for commercial development andITT's Lowara brand specializes in producing allstainless steel and multi-stage booster pumps for avariety of market applications.various industries, often followed by UV, ozoneand/or DI (deionization) for further purification inhigh-purity applications.• End suction centrifugal, horizontal split-case,multistage vertical and multi-stage booster pumpsas well as monitoring and control systems fordesalination services.• Seawater RO systems for offshore drinking andprocess water systems, crude oil desalting, andmore.• Ozone systems for oxidation of raw watercontaminants (e.g. taste, odor, and color-causingcompounds) to enhance overall treatment process.CLARIFICATION• Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) provides efficientprimary treatment of surface waters for theproduction of potable water. DAF produces ahighly filterable effluent.81

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