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ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT: An In-Depth

ITT: An In-Depth LookFluid technology and the cycle of waterCommercial Water UseIndustrial Water Supply• A wide range of centrifugal pumps, valves, suctiondiffusers, heat exchangers, and control systems forHVAC system operation.• Packaged systems for water pressure boosting andskid-mounted, packaged water booster pumps, setand stations (variable speed) for pressure boostingin applications with insufficient pressure.• Hydrovar® Control System for maintaining watersupply system pressure.• For pressure-boosting applications, a completeline of variable speed drive controllers, cast ironand stainless steel centrifugal multi-stage and jetpumps.• Fire pumps and packaged fire pump systems• Submersible drainage, dewatering and effluentpumps for all large infrastructure, construction andtunneling projects.• Self-priming, centrifugal, sump, effluent andsewage pumps in a variety of sizes and materials.• Fully-packaged water lift and booster pumpstations and controls for turf irrigation.• Standard RO and UV systems respectively for pointof entry or point of use requirements in largercommercial application.• Chlorine dosing, control and measurementproducts and systems for water disinfection.• Pumps for commercial pools and water parks.• Reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF),ultrafiltration (UF), microfiltration (MF) andmembrane systems. Membranes are often used incombination to reduce turbidity (MF or UF) andthen reduce or remove salts (NF or RO).• ITT membrane filtration systems are used forindustrial processing (e.g., fruit juice clarification,food & beverage, pharmaceutical industries) andwastewater applications as well as for pure waterproduction for industries (e.g., boiler feed waterfor power plants).• Clarification and media filtration for treating largevolumes of process water for high volume waterusers.• Pumps for advanced filtration applicationsincluding axial flow pumps, vertical submersiblepumps, vertical turbine pumps, single stage,double suction pumps, chemical process pumps,and multistage diffuser-type pumps.• UV and ozone systems are used for industrial waterdisinfection (UV) and industrial water treatment(ozone).• Parts per Billion Range Dissolved Oxygen analyzers/controllers and pH/ORP analyzers/controllers forwater quality and control.Flood Control• Mixed flow and axial flow pump, wet pit columnand submersible propeller pumps designed forpumping large capacities over a wide range of liftrequirements.Desalination systems from ITT purify seawaterand brackish water for human and industrialconsumption.ITT’s Place In The Cycle of Water: Everything But The Pipes

ITT: An In-Depth LookFluid technology and the cycle of waterIndustrial Water UsePump systems, mixers, valves and controls from ITTbrands including Goulds Pumps, Flygt, Lowara, Vogel,Bell & Gossett, ITT Standard and Engineered Valvesare used in a tremendous range of industrial waterapplications including Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing,Pulp & Paper, Power, Mining, Biopharm Manufacturingand Mineral Processing. ITT’s Goulds Pumps brandhas the distinction of providing the widest range ofindustrial pump systems with millions of installedproducts around the world. ITT’s disinfection unit hassystems for ozone oxidation of contaminated water(organic pollution) and for water disinfection using UVlight. ITT’s membrane filtration unit provides filtrationsystems for the steel industry and power industries.For a more comprehensive look at ITT’s range ofproducts and systems for the industrial market log onto / Commercial Wastewater• Packaged grinder systems designed for high headsewage applications where a gravity system is notpractical.• A complete line of stainless steel sump, effluentand sewage products for wastewater removal, anddrainage.• Micro pump stations and turnkey pump stationscombined with grinder pumps system for pressuresewage handling requirements.• Packaged membrane water treatment plants forsmall communities using private sources.Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse• From main effluent sump to discharge, mid-sizedsubmersible centrifugal pumps and mixers, andaeration systems.• Conventional biological treatment systems andtechnologies including energy efficient ceramicand membrane fine bubble aeration systems,Aeration systems from ITT provide biologicalwastewater treatment for municipal and industrialcustomers around the globe.stainless steel coarse bubble diffusers, and in-placecleaning systems as well as full-scale SequencingBatch Reactor (SBR) systems and circular clarifiersfor primary clarification.• Targeted at industrial wastewater applications,the ITT Dual-Stage Membrane Bioreactor Systemaccepts wastewater with high loadings of BOD,suspended solids and other contaminants andyields an excellent quality effluent that can besuitable for direct discharge to surface waterbodies and reuse applications. The water canbe further treated with polishing processes (forinstance, reverse osmosis) to yield potable water.• Media Filtration equipment for effluent polishing.• Reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration (MF),ultrafiltration (UF), and nanofiltration (NF), andmembrane systems.• Ozone oxidation and UV disinfection systems.• Chlorination dosing products and systems forwater disinfection.• Process/cooling water recycling and industrialfiltration requires sump pumps, process pumps,double-suction and vertical turbine pumps.85

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