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ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT: An In-Depth Lookitt

ITT: An In-Depth Lookitt brands that serve the "Cycle of Water"A-C Fire Pump is a premier manufacturer of fire pumpsystems for commercial, residential and industrialapplications.www.acfirepump.comBell & Gossett is a world leader in pump products forthe liquid-based HVAC pumping industries, servingthe market with world-class fluid handling productsin markets from large commercial HVAC applicationsto pumps and valves used in residential hot waterheating.www.bellgossett.comC’treat provides customers – including many offshoreoperations – with a reliable and economical supply offresh water, continuously generated from seawaterusing the reverse osmosis process.www.ctreat.comEngineered Valves supplies innovative valve solutionsfor a wide range of industrial fluid control needsincluding chemical processing, power generation,pulp & paper, water treatment, pollution control, andpharmaceutical and bioprocessing.www.engvalves.comFlowtronex designs and manufactures modularpumping systems for a variety of irrigation, boost & liftapplications for markets including golf, landscape andmunicipal.www.flowtronex.comFlygt is the world’s premier manufacturer ofsubmersible pumps, mixers, and aeration equipmentfor use in environments ranging from water andwastewater treatment, raw water supply, abrasive orcontaminated industrial processes, mining and cropirrigation.www.flygt.comGoulds Pumps – Industrial manufactures pumps,monitoring and control solutions and accessories forindustrial applications including chemical processing,pulp and paper, power generation, oil refining, gasprocessing, mining and mineral processing and generalindustry.www.gouldspumps.comGoulds Pumps – Water is a global leader in thewater technologies market, producing the world’sleading line of residential water well pumps. TheGoulds Pumps’ product portfolio includes submersibleand line shaft turbine, 4” submersible, jet, sump,effluent, sewage and centrifugal pumps for residential,agriculture and irrigation, sewage and drainage,commercial and light industrial use.www.goulds.comHengTong is a Shanghai-based producer of reverseosmosis(RO) membrane systems and other watertreatment systems for the power, pharmaceutical,chemical and manufacturing markets in China.www.awt.itt.comLeopold manufactures water and wastewatertreatment systems. Water treatment systems includerapid gravity dual media filter, dissolved air flotationclarification, sludge collection and backwash waterrecovery systems. Wastewater treatment systemsinclude tertiary filtration, denitrification, clarificationand sludge collection systems.www.ittwww.comLowara is a world leader in stainless steel pumpmanufacturing technology. The Lowara range includessubmersible, sump, effluent, sewage, centrifugalpumps and booster packages for the water supply andwater pumping needs in the residential, irrigation,building service and commercial markets worldwide.www.lowara.comMcDonnell & Miller is an industry leader with themost comprehensive line of steam and hot water boilerliquid level control products. Liquid-level controls andlow-water cutoffs serve the demanding needs of theindustrial, commercial and residential constructionmarkets.www.mcdonnellmiller.comPCI Membranes provides a broad spectrum offiltration technologies and products for liquidseparation applications used in industrial processingwastewater and municipal water industries.www.awt.itt.comITT’s Place In The Cycle of Water: Everything But The Pipes

ITT: An In-Depth Lookitt brands that serve the "Cycle of Water"Robot Pumps is a manufacturer of submersible pumpsspecially designed to pump liquids containing solids.Robot Pumps also sells and installs complete pumpstations and sewage systems.www.robotpumps.comRoyce Technologies is global supplier of high-qualitymonitoring and control instrumentation and sensorsspecifically designed for municipal and industrialwastewater treatment applications.www.awt.itt.comSanitaire focuses on creating innovative wastewatertreatment technologies for municipal and industrialwastewater treatment facilities, including aeration andsequencing batch reactor systems.www.ittwww.comITT Standard is a manufacturer of a complete line ofheat transfer products used in industrial and processapplications such as heating or cooling liquids orgases, heat recovery in chemical processing, power andco-generation, paper and pulp, OEM and commercialmarine markets.www.ittstandard.comVogel produces pumps that cover nearly allrequirements to handle clear, contaminated oraggressive liquids such as cold or hot water, acids,wastewater and sewage in domestic, industrial orpublic installations. Vogel provides energy-efficientpumps equipped with static frequency inverters.www.vogelpumpen.comWater Equipment Technologies provides reliablemembrane-based water purification technology andcomponents to the global water and wastewaterindustry. Using reverse osmosis (RO), deionization (DI),microfiltration (MF), and nanofiltration (NF) membranetechnologies, Water Equipment Technologies providesstandard systems, custom-engineered systems andproducts/components to produce high purity orpotable water from seawater, brackish water, surfacewater sources and reuse water from wastewater.www.wetpurewater.comLarge submersible pumps from ITT’s Flygt brandpower a wide range of commercial, industrial andmunicipal applications where large volumes ofwater need to be moved reliably and economically.WEDECO is the world’s largest manufacturer of UVdisinfection and ozone oxidation systems, whichare viewed as increasingly attractive alternatives tochlorine treatment and other physical/chemical watertreatment processes.www.awt.itt.com89

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