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ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions

ITT's Place in the Cycle of Water - Water Solutions


Global Water LeadershipITT’s Place In The Cycle of Water: Everything But The Pipes

Where there’s life, there’s water, and wherethere’s water, there’s ITT.In the marketplace, it is ITT technology engineered to“wring out the last drop” of water, energy, and lifecyclethat promises to solve many of the world’s water woes.The incredibly broad knowledge base across ITT’s FluidTechnology business now converges in the ability to offer fullwater lifecycle solutions.One of the linchpins of this strategy is advancedmonitoring and controls, which allow customersto remotely manage their water and wastewaternetworks. Pioneered by ITT, these systems helpeliminate waste and provide an open communicationsplatform with a variety of sources (handhelds, cellphones, the Internet) and interface with a wide rangeof SCADA supervisory systems.Controls expertise is also evident in ITT’s ABJ brandDecanter System, frequently deployed in projects toreduce non-point source pollution. At the same timethat they add flexibility, the controls achieve stringenteffluent quality under more intense biological nutrientloads.ITT now has an extended reach into every touch-pointof the water lifecycle, bringing a range of resources tomature and emerging markets alike.The closed-loop water system deployed in Cloudcroft,N.M., highlights this kind of convergence. Last year,ITT pumps, treatment technologies, and expertiseenabled this water-starved town of 800 residents tobreak the chokehold of drought by recycling all itswater. Every drop of water that is used and goes downthe pipes is cleaned by ITT technologies and returnedfor community use – including drinking. ITT productslike the Dual Stage MBR (membrane bioreactor) and areverse osmosis system make the re-use model morecost effective than other forms of treatment.Sometimes water supply issues can be addressedwith very simple solutions. For example, more than70 percent of disinfection in the world—eitherfor drinking or wastewater—is still done withchemicals. ITT’s commitment to inclusion spurred thedevelopment of an Automatic Vacuum Liquid FeedControl System, whose advanced controls deliver anunprecedented degree of accuracy (plus or minus twopercent for flow ranges up to 20,000 gallons per day)to chemical dosing applications. The new device allowsdeveloping regions to benefit from the same advancedsafety, control and life-cycle features found in morecomplex systems.91

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