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Download B&W issue - Portsmouth People

Download B&W issue - Portsmouth People


FEATUREJust for Juniors‘And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath:but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord’2: CONUNDRUM(Ephesians 6:4)1: JUMBLIESSee if you can rearrange thefollowing sets of letters tomake well-known words:1: TANCOVEN2: HOAN3: HETARZAN4: YARM5: SLIPETE6: VANE7: NETAP8: GITRULY9: PALMS10: BIRICOUMImagine Noah on his ark, with all the animals, and it’s raining and rainingand raining. Imagine too that he has a rope ladder hanging over the sideof the ark and the rungs are 30 centimetres apart. If the water level risesat 20 centimetres an hour, how many rungs will be covered after six hours?3: THE BIBLEUsing the letters in the two words THE BIBLE, see how many words youcan make. If you get 10, that’s good. If you get 15, that’s very good. Ifyou get 20 or more, that’s supercalifragilisticexpialidociously good!You'll find the answers in Newsand AnnouncementsIf you have a joke, story, prayeror comment to add to the JfJpage, then great! Just ask anadult member of your family tosend it to the Editor stating yourname, age and parish.4: The 10-WHAT QuizA: What is a mitre?B: What is the Guild of St Stephen?C: What language was spoken in Ancient Rome?D: What is a ciborium?E: What language did Jesus speak?F: What do you do with a pew?G: What direction does a church normally face?H: What is a font?I: What number is identified with the word trinity?J: What is a tabernacle?You’ll find the answers in News and Announcements5: Mental Arithmetic1+1=2, 2+2 = 4, 4+4 = 8 …Following this sequence, what number can you getto without writing anything down, without using acalculator and without asking anyone for help?Charlie says:‘They say that a problem shared is aproblem halved’.Problems can always be shared with afamily member, a teacher at school,your local priest.6: Can you make the wind calm?In 5 moves, changing just one letter at a time, each timemaking a new word, see if you can change WIND to CALM:WIND > _ _ _ _ > _ _ _ _ > _ _ _ _ > _ _ _ _ > CALMYou’ll find the answers in News and Announcements24PORTSMOUTH PEOPLE

FEATUREBOOKMARKThe Shackby Wm Paul YoungIf you are looking for a good read I canrecommend The Shack by Wm PaulYoung. A good friend recently lent methis book saying she would beinterested in my comments on it.Although a church-goer herself she isnot a Catholic and we often havespirited discussions about faith, Godand all things religious.The Shack is a novel, but a novel with atwist. Its main character, Mack, is livingthrough a personal tragedy which herefers to as ‘The Great Sadness’ andwhich has affected his life and thosearound him to an immeasurable degree.An invitation to meet with God at thescene of the tragedy changes his lifeforever.Jacky Chong (pictured)suggests a good readMack asks God, in the form of theTrinity, some of those awkward questionsyou or I would ask, given theopportunity. He rants at Him about theinjustice in life, ‘You may not causethese things, but you certainly don’t stopthem’. He is chided by God, ‘Mack, foryou to forgive this man is for you torelease him to me and allow me toredeem him.’The relationships between Mack, God theFather, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are alesson to us all and are sometimes anuncomfortable insight into how werelate to one another, and to God. Mackis a champion for us all, his sadness andanger allow him to put into words thequestions we often think but rarelyvoice. The answers he gets are the oneswe know in our hearts, but forget orignore in our busy lives as we rush andbustle about.This book really is a little gem and amust for every bookshelf. I have alreadyordered my own personal copy as theone I was lent needs to be returned andI know I shall want to read it again, andagain, and again!Wm Paul Young was born a Canadian and raised among a stone-age tribe byhis missionary parents in the highlands of what was New Guinea. He sufferedgreat loss as a child and young adult, and now enjoys the ‘wastefulness ofgrace’ with his family in the Pacific Northwest. The Shack (ISBN 978 0 34097949 5) is available from bookshops and online from retailing at £7.56.Just a click away…We continue with ourcompendium of worthy Movement of Christian Catholic Association for Racial Reflections and music downloadable for ipod, mp3 Assumption lay volunteer The National Office for Good News via mass communication Gap year Taizé community(Submissions for 'JACA' warmly invited. Ed.)Philippine ConnectionsWith this issue of PortsmouthPeople we offer a ‘communitycommunications checklist’ forPhilippine nationals and forothers in our diocese withInternet access who areinterested in the Philippines:Country Profile (BBC): underscore between country and profiles)Tourism and travel Embassy, overseas/travel-advice-by-country/asia-oceania/philippinesPhilippines Human Rights | Reports, News Articles & libraries, library catalogues & Language, Culture, Etiquette and Radio 'Community Connections' compilationsare welcome for other nationalities. Ed.)PORTSMOUTH PEOPLE 25

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will be distributed at the end of January 2013 - Portsmouth People
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