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PDF version - American Gem Trade Association

PDF version - American Gem Trade Association

M e m b e r P r o f i l

M e m b e r P r o f i l e :F r a n M a s t o l o n iMastoloni is one of NorthAmerica’s leading purveyors ofthe finest cultured pearls. It is athree-generation business, and anAmerican success story that beganover 90 years ago in New York City.In the mid-1920s Frank Mastoloni, Sr. founded a companywith his brothers and began searching the world for culturedsaltwater pearls, which were still at the experimental stageof development. By 1948, he made the move to specializein what was still a “new” phenomenon - cultured pearls.Over the next 10 years, his three sons and son in-law joinedthe team. Together they built the company based on theMastoloni principles of quality, fair dealings and innovation.They were among the first in North America to offer theextraordinary cultured pearls emerging from Japan, theSouth Pacific and beyond. They began creating their owndesigns and, by the late 1970’s, their own brand.“ You just have to be a littlebit better and provide the bestcustomer service and product inorder to stay competitive.”In the 1980’s, the third generation came aboard. On October4, 1982, Fran Mastoloni came on as an apprentice. He beganto immerse himself in learning all aspects of the business.Two years later, while studying in Japan, Fran would learnabout farming, shipping and sorting. This experience laidthe foundation for his daily role at Mastoloni Pearls.“There is a lot of overlap with my cousin and uncle, but Iam responsible for most of the purchasing of the company,”said Fran. “I am responsible for Asia and the acquisition ofmerchandise.” Mastoloni Pearls specializes in the exquisiteAkoya and freshwater cultured pearls from both Japan andChina and they offers the exotic beauty of South Sea andTahitian pearls. They select every pearl individually, firstfor its quality, then for its beauty and luster.For over 25 years, Mastoloni has been exhibiting at AGTAGemFair Tucson. The company usually exhibits at 9 to10 shows per year. “What sets GemFair Tucson apart is thecustomers- they are highly involved and are looking to putstuff together,” states Fran Mastoloni. “Still, our business isrun through traditional lines; we have a full sales staff acrossthe United States.”11 AGTA PRISM|FALL 2010

At Mastoloni, strands of pearls are still an important partof the business. Of course design has become much moreimportant. “We make a lot of pearl jewelry,” adds Fran.And year after year, the collections signed Mastoloni havebeen renowned for meticulous design and craftsmanship.He remains optimistic about the economy. “There has beena definite turn in business, and it is slowly returning to betterdays,” stated Mastoloni “Pearls have been pretty consistentand steady - better days are coming. You just have to be alittle bit better and provide the best customer service andproduct in order to stay competitive.”Having offices in Hong Kong and China has allowedthe company to bring the “game” to them. In addition,Mastoloni has built strong relationships with companiesthroughout the years and with some companies theserelationships are over 60 years old.In 1957, Frank Mastoloni was one of the original foundingmembers of the Cultured Pearl Association of America(CPAA). Now in 2010, Fran Mastoloni is currentlyPresident of the Association. The goal of the organizationis to “cultivate” awareness, interest, demand and successfulmarketability of cultured pearls for the retail communityand the consumer level. Finishing his second term, FranMastoloni has found the experience to be very enlightening.“Even though there is a change in the economy, we want tomaintain a consistent promotion and guide us through bettertimes,” stated Mastoloni.To learn more abot Mastoloni Pearls, Fashion Tips for the WinterThere are so many varieties and colors,and this season is both colorful andsubtle. You’ll want bold and brightlycolored pearls as well as soft ivoryor pastel colored pearls. There is notone particular type of pearl that isdominating the market, and a varietyof pearls in different colors will helpyou transition from Fall to Winterfashion trends easier and quicker.For that “board room” look opt forSouth Sea Pearls in white, cream andgold. For a more traditional look,Akoya pearls in long lustrous layersare a must.Layering both clothing and accessoriesis one of today’s top trends. Considerlayering your pearl jewelry – withdistinction and a good eye. Takethe time to compare how your pearljewelry looks next to other types ofjewelry. Use pearls to add anotherbeautiful layer of texture.This season is feminine and bodyconscious. Choose pearl jewelry toaccent your best features and to drawattention to what you like most. Ifyou love your hairstyle and facialfeatures, try a beautiful pair of pearlearrings. A pearl necklace will drawattention to your neck and shoulders.A pearl ring will draw attention toyour hands, fingers and anythingyou put near your hands. The pearlbracelet will bring attention to yourwrists and hands.“The ability to go from day to nightmakes pearls versatile - and versatilityis what today’s woman wants!”AGTA PRISM|FALL 2010 12

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