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December 2012 - SUNY Delhi

December 2012 - SUNY Delhi

14Anyone who stops by

14Anyone who stops by the FarrellClub Level on Wednesday afternoon,will find a wide variety ofactivities taking place. The TVstudio is busy with Professor Piasek’sBroadcast Class getting theirshow together, clubs are meeting,and students are working in the ArtCenter. You might also notice asmall group of students sitting withCampus Chaplain, Jarrod Stephensfor their weekly Bible study.This weekly Bible study is only oneof the many, and ever expandingopportunities SUNY Delhi studentshave to express and explore theirspirituality on campus. Under thedirection of Reverend Stephens,SUNY Delhi’s Interfaith Councilhas stepped up their activities oncampus this past semester.Bible study has been added to theweekly DCIC meetings, and Farrellsnack breaks that DCIC has begunto host this semester. Future plansfor DCIC include participation in aHabitat For Humanity Trip to aidvictims of Hurricane Sandy duringthe Spring semester.Spiritual Opportunities Available On CampusReverend Stephens invites studentsof all faiths to visit him in his officeon the Farrell Club level and isavailable to serve all SUNY Delhistudents, and help to meet theirspiritual needs.B.A.S.I .C. (Brothers And Sisters InChrist) is also very active on campus.Along with their advisor ProfessorSteve Tait, and Phil Hadley, Supervisorof Grounds, the group recentlyattended a regional conference inRochester, New York. B.A.S.I.C.also conducted a fund drive and donutsale, and packing party to provideMembers of B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters in Christ).DECEMBER 2012Christmas gift boxes for childrenin need during the holiday season.Members of B.A.S.I.C. are also inthe initial planning stages to bringChristian musician Jarrod Campbellback to our campus for a performancein February 2013. Campbellperformed here last year, andmet with a highly positive responsefrom all who attended. DCIC willassist B.A.S.I. C. with funding tosupport this encore performance.Local businessman, Eric Schwartz,the owner of EnA Motors, continuesto visit campus on a weekly basis tooffer an on-going, discussion workshopon and about Jewish culture.These workshops are offered inFarrell Hall at 7 PM, and open to allstudents. Those who have attendedthese meeting have found Eric to beextremely well informed, anxiousto share his knowledge, and to hearthe opinions of all.Spirituality plays an important partin the lives of many people, andstudents alike. Thanks to the workof Reverend Stephens, the concernof SUNY Delhi staff Steve Tait andPhil Hadley, and local businessmanEric Schwartz there are many opportunitiesavailable for students oncampus. We hope that all studentswill take advantage of these opportunitiesavailable on our campus.KNOWLEDGEFROM PAGE 10December 6, 2012Elizabeth Pratt, online instructor for the RN to BSN program at SUNY Delhi and her Girls Scout Troop, 2322 in El Dorado,Arkansas have sent the hundreds of items listed below to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy via the O’Connor Centerfor Community Engagement. With the help of The United Ministries, Delhi, NY the items will be delivered before theholidays to those in need. The O’Connor Center, SUNY Delhi and all who have been affected by the storm sincerelyappreciate and thank the wonderful Girl Scouts and their Leader all the way in Arkansas!first-ever celebrationof New Year’s Eve inTimes Square.” Thefirst celebration alsowas “the inauguralbash commemoratedthe official opening ofthe new headquartersof The New YorkTimes”, in which it wasnamed after.Cisneros, Sandra. SandraCisneros. 2012. 7 December2012 .ESPN. 2012. 7 December2012 .Naval History & Heritage.7 December 2012 .To Date:20 toothbrushes20 large tubes toothpaste4 large flashlights with batteries32 personal size tissue packs14 3‐pack Hothands/Belly warmers 18 hours20 8‐packs of votive candles20 Magic erasers16 8‐ packs garbage bags9 Blistex Sticks20 Chapsticks5 30‐pack bandaides11 40‐count baby wipe packs3 48‐count flushable wipes7 manual can openers6 can punch/bottle openersA VERY SINCERE THANKS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO OUR NEIGHBORS IN ARKANSAS!Scarred by history: TheRape of Nanjing. 11 April2005. 7 December 2012.World Aids Days. 2011. 7December 2012 .

DECEMBER 2012 15History Buffs Form New ClubThe History Club recently went to see the new Steven Spielberg movie Lincloln.What are the key values to perfect our world ?1. Respect for life.2. World peace3. Justice and equality4. Universal education5. Family values6. Social responsibility What is the source of this utopian world vision ?- Originally in history -1. infanticide was an important part of every culture2. The warrior was glorified3. Democracy may seem to have come from the Athenian Greeks but onlya small minority was eligible to vote.4. The literacy rate in the ancient world was less than 1%. At the heightof the Roman empire it was between 10-15%. Throughout historyeducation was a restricted luxury.5. Pederasty was viewed as the highest form of love and women weremere property.6. There was virtually no obligation to help the weak.“To the Jews we owe the idea of equality before the law, bothdivine and human; of the sanctity of life and the dignity ofthe human person; of the individual conscience and so apersonal redemption; of collective conscience and so ofsocial responsibility; of peace as an abstract ideal and loveas the foundation of justice and many other items whichconstitute the basic moral furniture of the human mind.”Historian Paul Johnson

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