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December 2012 - SUNY Delhi

December 2012 - SUNY Delhi

6The Gift of BloodFROM

6The Gift of BloodFROM PAGE 3Leukemia. “Idonate wheneverI can tohelp out theothers whoneed help, likemy motherand aunt did”.It’s not muchto ask, really.Give an hourof your day,endure a littlepain, feel a littlewoozy, andsave three lives. What out there is asimpler way to so easily say, “Hey,I just saved three lives today”?The answer is nothing.When the school and the help of theO’Connor center make it so easilypossible for this right within theschool campus, what can honestlybe your reason for not giving blood,the gift of life?Sure, it may hurt a little and youmay think you’ll get too sick, butjust think how sick those people arewho actually NEED that blood.Next time it’s around campus andyou’re not sure, I would challengeyou to ask if it’s worth it. Weightyour options. Prevent a little pain tospare your body, or overcome it tosave another’s.Hospitality Students AttendInternational Hotel Show in NYCKimberly BerryA contingent of Hospitality students and faculty attended the InternationlHotel Show in November. It is held annually at the Jacob Javitz ConventionCenter.It was a tremendous learning experienceand very enjoyable too. Weeven were able to go on a Yachtcruise. It was fun!At left Amanda Distin, Chris Mc-Manus, Kimberly Berry and MeganMcGee at the Javitz Center.Delhi Students and faculty also hadgreat success at competitions whichtook place. Student competitorsand faculty earned four gold andthree sliver medals for their entries:Lenny Messina, student-Cold Seafood Platter – Silver; Jessica Monahan,student Cold Turkey Platter – Silver; Nich Sherwood,student-Cold LambPlatter – Silver; Alexis Chamoff, student Cold Rabbit Platter – Gold;James Margiotta, CEC, Instructor – Cold Pork Platter – Gold; BrianneSlocum, Instructor – Cold Rabbit Platter – Gold and Julee Miller, CEC,Instructor – Pastillage Centerpiece – Gold.Want to start that paper, butdon’t know where to begin?Put off that math assignmentand now you need help?There is help at hand! Log on to Late Night Online tutoring and live professional tutors areavailable to guide you through that assignment.Go to the SUNY Delhi home page > Academics drop down > Resnick Learning Center > Tutoring.At the bottom of the screen is the login for Late Night Online tutoring. Select eitherWriting or Math and you will be directed to the appropriate login.Late Night Online tutoring is easy and available between 7pm and Midnight, Sundaythrough Thursdays. (Other times visit the Math or Writing Centers in the RLC).Meghan WallaceAfter being dazzled and wowedby Michal DuBois’s amazing solocircusperformance on Wednesday,November 14 th in the Okun Theater,I got a chance to ask him a fewquestions after the show. Here’swhat I learned.Michael is fromHorseheads, NY.He went to PennState University.Since he graduated,nine yearsago, performinghis solo-circushas been his fulltimejob.His solo-circusconsists of comedy,card tricksand daring physicalfeats, such asjuggling with fireand machetes, unicyclingin a straitjacket,and walking over tightropes.I asked him what his inspirationwas for what he does now. Michaeltold me that he loved the circus asa kid. His first memory was goingto the Ringling Brothers Circuswith his grandparents. He likedanything “sort of weird.” But as akid there was never “a proper outlet”for him to go for his dreams.It was at college where Michael finallyknew he could make a careerout of what he loved.I finished the interview by askingMichael why he liked performingMichael DuBoisDECEMBER 2012for college students. He likes howperforming for students can be differenteach time. College studentsare brutally honest. Performersknow pretty quickly if they are doinga good job or not when doingshows at colleges. Delhi is no different,according to Michael. HeMichael DuBois (center) with my sister and friendat the Okun Theatre performance this fall.said that Delhi students have a reputationfor being hard to please. Hehas “heard horror stories from comedians”where they were booedoff the stage. But Michael likesthe criticism since it only helps hisshow get better and better. SUNYDelhi was where Michael did hisvery first college show. The Delhistudents seemed to really like him,I know I sure did!If you want to know more aboutMichael DuBois, you can checkout his website at like him on Facebook.

DECEMBER 2012 7Benefits of the Alumni FeeArvin TangalanEver look at your college bill forthe semester and wonder why wepay so many different fees? Wellone fee that students benefit frommore than you think is the AlumniFee. While it may seem like anotherline item on your college bill atfirst, it adds a great deal of valueto our college experience now andin the future when we graduate andbecome lifetime members of theSUNY Delhi Alumni Association.10 Great Things Your AlumniFee Supports1- SUNY Delhi AlumniScholarships for Freshmen:$10,000 awarded annually to10 students2- Legacy Scholarship Awardsof $1,000 annually to afreshman or transfer studentwho had a family memberattend SUNY Delhi3- SUNY Delhi AlumniCentennial Scholarships:$10,000 awarded annuallyto 9 upper-classmen and 1exemplary student campusemployee4- Freshmen Orientation giftsand activities5- Commencement activities &giftsa. BaccalaureateChampagneReception withPresident CandaceVanckob. Graduation gifts:a commemorativephoto with PresidentVancko & a SUNYDelhi Alumni pin6- Lifetime induction tothe SUNY Delhi AlumniAssociation complete withmembership card whichallows access to ResnickLibrary and other campusfacilities7- Free subscription to SUNYDelhi’s magazine Horizons8- Alumni discounts: LibertyMutual home, renters’ andautomobile insurance; Barnes& Noble College Bookstore10% discount9- Funding of homecomingweekend. SUNY DelhiAlumni Weekend is heldduring the first weekend inJune every year.10- Life-long connections withfellow alumni; mentoring,internships and jobplacement.When you’re looking over yournext semester’s bill, please be sureto give thoughtful consideration tothe SUNY Delhi Alumni Fee. Itsupports a variety of scholarshipsand campus traditions.We benefit now as students and thebest part is we enjoy other lifetimebenefits once we graduate fromSUNY Delhi.*Arvin Tangalan is President of theGreek Council; he’s a brother ofTDX. He also serves as a ResidentAssistant and Student Representativeto the SUNY Delhi AlumniCouncil.DID YOU KNOW?There are nearly 35,000 SUNYDelhi Alumni?Whether you graduated fromSUNY Delhi or only attendedfor one semester (12credit hours or more), you areautomatically considered analumnus.SUNY Delhi alumni spangraduation years 1938 – presentand live throughout theworld from Africa to America;Ireland to Japan, etc.THE COLLEGE PLAYERS PRESENTThe Mouse That RoaredAbby Wallace & Meghan WallaceThe College Players put on a verygood performance of the comedicplay, The Mouse That Roared,on December 1st, 2 nd , and 3 rd . Theplay was about a small, virtuallyunknown country called GrandFenwick whose economy is threatenedwhen their main source ofincome, their pomegranate wine,is threatened by an imitation wineproduced in the United States.The country’s leader, a 22-yearoldGrand Duchess (played by NicoleBrooks, above right) is facedwith decision of how to save hercountry. She comes up with aningenious plan, with the help ofher Prime Minister to declare warupon the United States. Not in thehopes of an actual victory, but withthe preconceived notion that theywould eventually surrender andthat the US would send aid andwould boost Grand Fenwick’s failingeconomy. She then enlists thethe US that their wine will neverbe imitated again, and the UnitedStates gets back their bomb.We asked two of the cast membersabout the play and what it’s like tobe in The College Players club.Meghan- “Why did you do theplay?”Richard Benitez (who played theVice President of Grand Fenwick)“I’ve always wanted to do a playbut the people involved in theDrama Club seemed stuck up. ButA variety of SUNY Delhi alumni return to campus for Career Fairs.The Career Services Office organized two fairs this year, in the springand fall semesters. Alumni-represented companies included: BRJohnson, Charles Gaetano Construction Corporation, Hampton InnOneonta, Simplex Grinnell, The Riverwalk Hotel & River Bistro,Traditions at the Glen, Turning Stone Resort Casino, Whiting-TurnerConstruction Company & Wolf-Tec, Inc. PHOTO: Helen Casterhelp of her child-hood friend TullyBascombe (played by Dylan Mazza)to be the head military officerto “invade” the united states wearingbright Grand Fenwick armor,armed with only ancient crossbows.Through hilarious turn of events,Tully actually “Wins” by successfullycapturing a US scientistcomplete with a newly created “Q-Bomb.” The play ends with GrandFenwick receiving a promise fromsince it’s my last semester I decided“what the heck, let me give ita shot.’ After being in the clubthough, I realized that no one wasstuck up and everyone was prettycool. And I’m glad to know that Iwas wrong.”Meghan- “What was your funniestmoment?”Richard-“A lot of times peoplewouldn’t show up to (See page 12.)

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