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Download - Net2Phone

Download - Net2Phone

Quintum Configuration

Quintum Configuration Guide4. Additional Configuration CommandsOverviewThe following sections contain additional configuration commands.1. Enabling Box-to-Box Calls Between Different TenorsCommandconfig pbxtg 1# huntpubldn xxxxNotesThe “xxxx” sets the PBXport.For example, if you wantedto set the PBX port toextension 4000, you wouldtype huntpubldn 4000.config iptg# incdeldigits 8 Erases the “7846886#”coming in.config be sroute 2# callsig xxx.xx.xx.xx:1720The “”represents the address ofthe other Quintum’sgateway. This creates astatic route between the twoQuintums.config be sroute 1# gkmode 0 0 - remote is gateway 1 - remote isgatekeeperconfig be sroute 1# dn 1 7846886#xxxx 1 0 1The “xxxx” represents theextension (phone number) ofthe other Quintum gateway.2. Configuring Net2Phone as the Primary InternationalCarrier and PSTN for Domestic CallsCommandconfig be sroute 1# dn 1 7846886#011* 1 0 1NotesReplace 1234* rule withthese commands so that allcalls starting with 011 will goto IP (net2phone) and anyother domestic calls willroute via PSTN.Page 6

Quintum Configuration Guide3. Configuring Net2Phone as the Primary Carrier and PSTNas Secondary for All CallsCommandN/aNotesCall flow within tenor is suchthat when call is placed, itwill look for the best matchfor the route at static routetables. If it does not find it(or if the gateway orgatekeeper does not permitthe calls), it will routeautomatically to PSTN.4. Choosing Net2Phone via Dialing 8 First and Then DNCommandconfig sys# intercom 1config sys# multipathrouteprefix 8NotesWhen you set themultipathrouteprefix, forexample to 8, the Tenor willknow that any incoming callfrom a PBXTG that has thefirst digit of 8 is an"Intercom Call." The call isfirst attempted over IP. If amatch cannot be found, or ifIP routing fails, the call isthen routed over theassociated PSTN trunkgroup.Any single number between0 and9 can be used.Page 7

Net2Phone/Cisco ATA 186 Configuration Guide
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