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A Green Mountain with a Valley Just Right - The World Food Prize

A Green Mountain with a Valley Just Right - The World Food Prize


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Hemken 29Appendix 5: Family ProfilesWritten by: Rachel Eisenstat(Except for Cruz-Méndez, Susannah and I interviewed them after Rachel left Monteverde)Misael Alvarado Mendez and Aideé Mendez RamirezAideé and Misael live with their grandchildren José (May 14, 1992) and María Paula (August27, 1998) at the end of a road tucked away in the woods just below Finca La Bella. They hope soonto be able to build a house on theirparcel in order to be closer to theirwork. Aideé is known for herflock of chickens, which sheenjoys taking care of when she’snot working in the parcel. Theirparcel is a ten-minute walk fromtheir house, along the foot-pathsthat connect all the parcels of thefinca through a bit of pasture,across a small creek, and throughthe woods. Once in their parcel,Misael, who very much enjoysworking the land and plantingtrees, will gladly give a tour of thecoffee, bananas, and plantains thatthe family produces. They alsohave a dairy cow, a pig, and plentyof vegetables, including lettuce,corn, beans, cilantro, squash, cucumbers, and radishes. In their parcel, Aideé and Misael have variousfruit trees as well, from which they gather oranges, lemons, mangos, and avocados. They sell whatthey grow to local families, the neighborhood grocery store, and to the Eco-lodge. Generally, theylike to work in the parcel from about 8:00 each morning to around 1:00 in the afternoon.Alvaro Vega Anchía and Elizabeth Mata LeitónAlvaro and Elizabeth, along with their children Adriana (November 20, 1993) and Jason (May3, 1995), are one of the newestfamilies on Finca La Bella, picturedhere with Katie Walker, a studentthey hosted this summer. They havealways enjoyed hosting students andvolunteers because of what theylearn from them. In addition tocoffee, their main crop which theysell to the CoopeSanta Elena(producer of Café Monteverde), theygrow plantains, bananas, lettuce, andcorn for their own family. Alvaroplays soccer in San Luis with a teameach Wednesday, while Elizabeth isinvolved with the local artisan craftcooperative CASEM (CooperativaArtesanos de Santa Elena y Monteverde).

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