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Reflections Fall 2012 - Durham College

Reflections Fall 2012 - Durham College


PHOTOS COURTESY OF CHEALSE HOWELLOpposite pagebottom left:Journalismstudent ChealseHowell posing inSpain whileattending the MissIntercontinentalpageant. Allother photos areportfolio andeditorialphotographsin Chealse’sprofessionalmodeling lookbook.DURHAMCOLLEGE’SNEXT TOPMODELby Michelle LeeAS A GIRL, CHEALSE HOWELL WOULD WALKdown a long road near her home in Lindsay,fantasizing every strut as a choreographedroutine in her very own music video. Her titlewin as Miss Intercontinental Canada 2011 couldbe the result of a bigger dream that started atthe tender age of seven. Today she’s a busy andambitious third-year Journalism student andmodel, but you’d never know it. Howell stillwalks the school halls fresh-faced, nailsunpolished, hair down, and in the most casualattire. If you pass her by, she looks and acts likeany other excited and motivated student.“Modelling isn’t just a job for me but a wayto see the world and experience new things,”Howell said. Recently, she walked and posedfor her first major catwalk and editorial shoot inLas Vegas for a New York-based clothing line.Her first job outside of the country, it is thehighlight of her modelling career thus far.“I’m still working in Canada, but now that I’mworking outside of Canada, that’s a huge dealfor a model. And now I get more support fromother people.” From taking pictures for freewith a family friend, to creating an onlinemodelling profile account, and accepting otherphotographer requests, Howell has nowreached a level of professional success. Todate, she has done major editorial shoots,fashion jams and several hair shows. Althoughshe recently probed the pageant world, she hasbeen scouted for pageants since she firststarted dance as a child. However, dancing washer only interest at the time.For Howell, it all started with dance, apassion that gave her a taste of the spotlight.Within the first year of joining her dance team,she was dancing competitively and continueduntil she was 18.At age 12, she held her first job at a localgeneral store scooping ice cream to helpsupport her passion for dance. Later, she beganworking at a seniors’ centre, which eventuallyhelped fund a spontaneous start in modelling.22REFLECTIONS | FALL 2012

Howell continued to work until 2011, when she wasscouted for the Miss Intercontinental Canada pageant.Without any expectation of winning but hoping to do herbest, she won. As the crowned representative for Canada,she was able to go to Spain for the 2011 MissIntercontinental pageant.Along with her success, many people, both good and bad,have come into her life. However, Howell has only oneimportant entourage that supports her, her family. “Family isa number one thing to me. I choose family over friends anyday. I come from a big family of six and we’re really close. Iwouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my supportivefamily, especially my mother. She was the one who alwaystook me to dance class and drove me to my part-time jobs.She is my biggest fan and believes in me more than I do.”Howell also said she considers her modelling agent, herboyfriend, Jeremiah, and her pug, Lacona importantmembers of her family.Although, she has accomplished so much at such a youngage, for her this is only the beginning of a much biggerpicture. Continuing to pursue her passion for writing as ajournalism student while modelling, Howell hopes toeventually merge both worlds by working on a talk show. Inthe meantime, she plans to join Armstrong Studios, an actingstudio for up-and-coming artists located in Toronto, taking onemore step to make her dream a reality. She said her mottohas always been, “Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.”For her, it appears to be working.WWW.DURHAMCOLLEGE.CA REFLECTIONS | FALL 2012 23

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