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3 The Razor T Weight

3 The Razor T Weight System3.1 OverviewWeight can be added directly to the Razor Harness itself (see Razor HarnessManual) but this is not recommended. The advantage of using the TWS over puttingweights directly on the harness is fourfold:abcdEase of use in removing or changing weights quicklyHardware on the harness will not have to be removed and replaced to add orremove weightsNo adjustments to the harness webbing are required as the length of thewebbing stays the same and is not affected by adding or removing weights orusing different size weight blocksYou do not have to travel with weight on the harnessVelcro closing weight pouches can also be used on the Razor Harness inconjunction with the TWS so that in an emergency divers have the option ofditching some weight at the surface during open water dives. Ditching weightunderwater is not recommended as it may result in an uncontrolled buoyantascent.In an emergency if extra buoyancy is required at the surface while using SMconfiguration negatively buoyant Steel tanks can be removed or Aluminiumtanks can be drained to 140bar/2000psi or below at which point they willstart to become positively buoyant.48

3 The Razor T Weight System3.2 Rigging the TWS Lumbar StrapabcdefRemove the BAT wing if fitted to the Razor Harness.Bolt the top of the Lumbar Strap webbing to the bottom hole of the DSPusing one of the supplied button head screws and a washer.If the BAT Wing is also normally attached at this bottom hole on the DSPthen the longer bolt found in the BAT Wing or Universal Spares kit will berequired to fix both the Lumbar Strap and the BAT Wing to the same mountingpoint.Slide block weights onto the webbing and position them correctly on theLumbar strap between the DSP and the MBP to optimize trim. Ideally weightshould not be placed above the Lumbar Strap Tri-glide so as not to interferewith the SM Bungee.Up to 4 block weights can be added to the Lumbar Strap. If more head downtrim is required the weight can be moved closer to the DSP or the heavierweights can placed at the top of the Lumbar Strap. If more head up trim isrequired weight can be moved closer to the MBP or the heavier blocks placedlower on the Lumbar Strap.Feed the free end of the webbing through the top slot of the MBP (the topslot “A” on the MBP is cut slightly wider than the other slots to accept theLumbar Strap easily) and double the webbing back over.49

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