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The Story About Hand-raising A Baby Chimpanzee - Zoo Negara

The Story About Hand-raising A Baby Chimpanzee - Zoo Negara

“Juli is one of the

“Juli is one of the most beautiful babies I had ever seen. Although I only gotto spend a month with her, it was such an honour to be part of this wonderful team.Juli became my ‘practice baby’. With her, I learnt almost everything I needed to knowprior to my baby being born. The best part for me was carrying her on my pregnantbelly and watching her sleep. Observing her ever-changing facial expressions whileshe slept was absolutely priceless and would put a smile on anybody’s face.Hand-raising Juli was truly an awesome experience that money cannot buyand one day, I hope to bring my baby, Leon, to meet his older ‘sister’ .Main care giver :Writer’s observation: Whenever I visited the 3 weeks old Juli, Dr Sarah talkedDr Sarah Chong, Zoo Veterinariannon-stop about Juli’s facial expression. Juli’s hands wrapped perfectly aroundDr Sarah’s then pregnant belly and slept really peacefully.It will be interesting to see how Juli reacts when Dr Sarah is back from her maternity leave.“I was asked to lend a hand when Dr Sarah went off for her maternity leave. Being involved with Juliis just awesome. I am able to see her daily physical development and Juli really has a great personality!Reflecting back, I still find it funny when the team sits down and the conversation involves Juli’s poo!!We worried when she has constipation or when she has diarrhea. Since Juli’s birth, I became well -awareof chimpanzee’s behaviour by reading and watching YouTube clips about Chimpanzee.I feel honoured to be part of Juli’s team and thank the Hospital for putting trust in me”.Colleagues’ observation: Edwina struggled to differentiate Juli from a human baby at first. Afterworking with Juli for some time, she became a good teacher to Juli. She makes toys and isin-charge of recording detailed report on Juli’s development. Juli always approaches Edwinafor cuddles when she visits Juli after working hours.“As a volunteer, I did not expect that I will be asked to lend a hand to be part of Juli’s life.I started to take care of Juli when she was just 5 days old. Though it was tiring duringher first month of life (feeding and changing every 2 hours), it is still an incredible eopportunity. Being involved with Juli has been an extraordinary experience.Main care giver : I hope that Juli will make good friends with her species. Partly, I would selfishlyEdwina Lim Teen, hope that Juli will always remember the team who took care of her”.Education Department ExecutiveWriter’s observation: Juliet comes in twice a week. Juli is always happy to see Juliet.She gives a soft ‘hoot’ to welcome Juliet and will quickly knuckle-walk to Juliet for snuggles.Juli loves to show off her new moves whenever Juliet is on duty. You can tell that Julidevelops a special bond for Juliet through their interaction.Main care giver :Juliet Whitfield Lammiman,Zoo Volunteer and an Artist“Juli came into the hospital looking small and weak. Taking care of Juli is differentcompared to the other animals I have helped to hand-raised and many questionsstarted to swim in my head. Thanks to Allah because she survived. When Juli openedher eyes few days after birth, my heart leaped with joy. She has the most beautiful eyesI have ever seen. Everyone panic when Juli suffered from hyperthermia. She was onconstant monitoring: body temperature, faeces consistency and colour, and heart rate.We were relieved when she recovered. From a helpless infant, Juli has grown intoa strong chimpanzee. She can grip and climb just like how a normal chimpanzeeshould be. I am very proud of Juli”.Playmate and Uncle :Mohd Khairul Nai’m,Hospital Laboratory ExecutiveWriter’s observation: Ever since Juli started to knuckle-walk, she will often ‘knock’ onKhairul’s office door if she is unable to enter the laboratory to explore the room.Khairul always ensure that the hospital is sparkly clean so that Juli can explore thewhole hospital. Juli extremely loves his cuddles. Khairul shows out his excellentparenting skills when he is with Juli, a side which not many people is aware of.KANCIL Gazette

“I have helped the Hospital team to handraise a few striped hyenas but never thought that one day,I will also help to take care of a baby chimpanzee. She was so fragile when she was admitted to thehospital. Hand-raising infant animals is never an easy task and we are blessed that Juli does nothave any complications during her early days in the hospital. Taking care of Juli has beenan exciting experience. Juli sometimes drives me crazy because she always outsmarts me!”Writer’s observation: It is very interesting to see Chermaine and Juli’s interactionas Juli is really playful with her. Juli will find every way to annoy Chermaine just to get herplay with her. Deep down, I am sure Juli loves Chermaine as she loves Juli.Playmate :Chermaine TanHospital KeepereperDecember marks Juli’s fifth month. Juli’s dailyroutine includes climbing the toy-gym constructedby the students and hospital staff, outdoor play underthe sun and indoor exploration in the hospital area.She is independent, strong, smart and playful.She also understands instructions given to her.Both Dr Blanca and Juli have been visiting the Ape Centreso that Juli can familiarize herself with the surroundingareas and be comfortable with the keepers. This transition period will giveJuli and the troop of chimpanzees a chance to see each other.Young chimpanzees learn certain behaviour through observation.It has been a wonderful 5-months journey.We hope to introduce Juli as an individual tothe chimpanzee troop at the Ape Centeras soon as Juli is strong enough to climb.The whole team hopes that whenJuli joins the troop, she will alwaysremember us.The team takes this opportunity to thank volunteers, previousand current students who have helped to keep an eye on Juli.KANCIL Gazette

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