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The Story About Hand-raising A Baby Chimpanzee - Zoo Negara

The Story About Hand-raising A Baby Chimpanzee - Zoo Negara


The FirstEnrichment Centre in the WorldEnrichment plays an essential role for the captive animals to ensure that the animals have the freedom to expresstheir wild natural behaviour. In the year 2011 marked another achievement for Zoo Negara for building Malaysia’s firstenrichment centre and is also FIRST IN THE WORLD. This centre was launched on 15th July 2011.In this issue, we would like to introduce these five lovely ladies who are behind this pilot project.Faradilla Ain RoselanTeam Leader“I feel honoured by the trustgiven by the management.I am also thankful to mycolleagues and the keepersfor being so supportiveall the time”Experience in the zoo :Education Department & Bird HouseDate Joined : Nov 2010“Being part of theEnrichment team,I can now contributeto the whole zoo”Norhidayah HamdanEnrichment Co-ordinatorExperience in the zoo :Ape Centre, Mammal Kingdom & Bird HouseDate Joined : Dec 2009Hadayu Abu HassanResearcher & Book-keeping“It is very exciting to bein this team as i canwork with differentanimals in the zoo”Experience in the zoo :Children’s World (Hornbills, Primates& Hippos)Date Joined : Jan 2010“I find that workingin different sectionprior becoming anEnrichment Officeris extremely helpful.I feel even moremotivated to developideas for the animals”Riffa Mulyati RosleyVolunteer Co-ordinatorExperience in the zoo :Children’s World, Reptile House,Bear Complex, Bird House & ElephantsDate Joined : Dec 2009“As a fresh graduate fromNational University of Malaysia,I am glad that I amable to applywhat i havestudied in this field”Nik Nuradzimah Nik AdnanInteractive Session Co-ordinatorExperience in the zoo :Reptile House & Amphibian WorldDate Joined : Dec 2011With the support fund from APE Malaysia (Animal Projects and Environmental Education) and public’s donation, the centre was built inthe heart of Zoo Negara. The building will be used to store enrichment materials for the keepers’ easier access to them and a meetingplace for everyone to discuss and explore new ideas of animal enrichment.The enrichment centre is open for volunteers and students who join the Zoo Discovery programme (topic: Environmental Enrichment)to expose them to the animal enrichment and getting g them to participate in the projects for the animals.KANCIL Gazette

Orangutan SSP WorkshopAPE Malaysia joined hands withZoo Negara to organize the“OrangutanSpecies SurvivalPlan (SSP)Workshop”on 12th – 15th July 2011. 1.The workshop was made up ofa series of seminars, animal trainings,enrichment programmes, educationalinteractive presentations, studbookkeeping, population management,birth management as well as zoovolunteer management.We are honoured to have nineAmerican Zoological Association (AZA) primatologistsand a Veterinarian to be our facilitators:Angie Selzer (Fort Wayne Zoo, Indiana), Carol Sodaro(Brookfield Zoo, Chicago), Ida Lewis(Fort Worth Zoo, Texas), Janine Steele(Sacramento Zoo, California), Jessica Franck(Mesker Park Zoo), Linda Jacobs(Jungle Island, Miami), Megan Elder(Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Minnesota),Ronda Schwetz (Henry Vilas Zoo, Wisconsin)and Louis DiVincenti Jr.(Seneca Park Zoo, New York).The workshop was a huge hit among the Zoo Negara staff and an impressive numberof zookeepers made it to almost all the sessions.We would like to take this opportunity to give our heartfelt appreciation to the AZAmembers for sharing their knowledge and experience with us.A million thanks to APE Malaysia for making this workshop possible and not forgettingthe participants from Zoo Taiping & Night Safari, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Zoo Johor,Department of Wildlife and National Parks, UPM as well as individuals and private companiesfor making the workshop a huge success.KANCIL Gazette

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