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The Story About Hand-raising A Baby Chimpanzee - Zoo Negara

The Story About Hand-raising A Baby Chimpanzee - Zoo Negara

Amphibian WorkshopThis

Amphibian WorkshopThis is the third series of workshop on Amphibians organized by Amphibian Ark (AArk) and Zoo Negarasince the ‘Year of the Frog’ in 2008. The three-day workshop took place on 28th – 30th July 2011 focusedon basic husbandry practices, conservation release protocols, nutrition and breeding, terrarium setup,basic veterinary and disease protocols. Brief updates around the world were also highlighted on threats,current conservation work on amphibian and the education and awareness programme .The workshop was conducted by Ron Gagliardo (Amphibian Ark Training Officer),Dr Brad Wilson (Reptile and Amphibian specialist and Veterinarian, Atlanta Botanical Gardens),Michael McFadden (Amphibian specialist of Taronga Zoo), Hafiz Thanabalan(Zoo Negara’s Senior Supervisor and anuran specialist) and Mohd Khairul Nai’m(Zoo Negara’s Laboratory Technician and Amphibian Parasitologist).We would like to convey our utmost gratitude to the facilitators crossed continents to share their knowledge and also to theparticipants (Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Sarang Buaya Pasir Gudang, True Discovery, Langkawi Wildlife Park,individuals as well as officers and keepers from Zoo Negara) for their support in the workshop and helped in making ita great success.8th MAZPAField Training CourseDate: 11th – 20th October 2011Location: Zoo MelakaThis 10-day coursecovered the aspects in dailyanimal management which includes biology,husbandry,management, interactive andenrichments.KANCIL Gazette

MZS50th Anniversary Gala DinnerThe Malaysian Zoological Society (MZS) held a Gala Dinner with spectacular theme, “Jewel of the Jungle”on 29th July 2011 at Palace of the Golden Horses in conjunction with the celebration of its 50th Anniversary.Zoo Negara would like to thankour Patron, His Royal HighnessSultan Sharafuddin Idris ShahAlhaj Ibni Almarhum SultanSalahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah,for attending this glorious eventas our royal guest.The Gala Night would not havesucceeded without the generous supportand contributions received fromthe Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,government agencies and corporate companies.Special thanks to Kuala Lumpur City Hall for numerous support as the main sponsorfor upgrading the Show Amphitheatre.Congratulations to the Organizing Committee and Zoo Negara’s stafffor making this grand event a wonderful moment in the zoo history.KANCIL Gazette

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