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Organised Crime links to mystery crimes? by John -

Organised Crime links to mystery crimes? by John -


"Thomas"assaulted crashed red Laser with rubble from crashallegedly assaulted several eyewitnesses in incidentassaulted and injured police and emergency workers while escapingcustodylinked to deaths in Drake’s Rilllinked to kidnapping on NSW/Vic borderlinked to NYE riotsMathias Rourkeallegedly sabotagued crashed vehicle and started petrol-fueled blazelinked to kidnapping on NSW/Vic borderdisappeared in 1999, believed dead by police and associatesfamily links to shipping and import businesseslinked to deaths and disappearances in Melbourne over 3 yearsDominique Lalorlinked to NYE riotsfather disappeared in 1979found unconscious on the accident scenelinked to kidnapping on NSW/Vic borderlinked to suspicious drug-related deaths in 1998disappeared in 1999, believed dead by policelinked to deaths and disappearances in Melbourne over 3 yearsAre these individuals also connected?Melissa Lindridge "Moonflower" "Kim" Mikal Ahrens* believed dead, killed * linked to drug deaths * linked to kidnapping * linked to death ofwith family during with Lalor * linked to on Vic/NSW border * several businessmenMillenium riots in Ahrensassociate of ’Thomas’ in Vic * linked to drugMelbourne * linked toand Brightondeaths with Lalor *suspicious deaths in’died’ in Sydney riots,Drake’s Rill1999

Reasonable people have to startasking themselves about the linksbetween these individuals. Forinstance, what is the relationshipbetween Rourke, the sole heir toa wealthy business and an astutebusinessman of his own, and’Thomas’ an apparent itinerant?Although no official statementhas been released, anonymouspolice sources have suggestedthat the Australian Federal Policehave covertly requested to assiststate police forces in the apprehensionof Brighton, Rourkeand associates, purporting thatthey are part of a larger organisedcrime group. Although Federalpolice declined to confirm ordeny this rumour, speculation isrife that the senior police officialsbelieve that the group is centredaround drug production and distributionthrough out Australia.Mr Peter Farmer, of the AustralianInstitute of Family Research,said that it was commonfor larger drug operations to bemade up of many minor dealers."I wouldn’t be surprised tosee hundreds of thousands of dollarsto pass through the hands ofthese corruptors of our children.We have been trying to conveythe message that each of theseso-called lesser drug merchantsare not rascals, but the employeesof serious criminals."If not part of a drug cartel, exactlywhat inspires this variedgroup of people to act together?The links between them are undeniable- some mundane, likesimultaneous attendance at MelbourneUniversity, long term livingarrangements together andsome less so, like their propensityto disappear for long periodsof time under suspicious circumstances.Police have promised a full statementby the end of the day, andlike the release of the latest cinemahit, it promises to at least entertain,if not enlighten.

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