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Medicinal Chemistry Course

Medicinal Chemistry Course

The NCE project

The NCE project (1987)• The aim was to develop a new proton pump inhibitor withimproved pharmacokinetic profile as compared toomeprazole- Less variation in acid inhibition effect betweenindividuals (increase bioavailability, decreasemetabolism)Lindberg / von Unge

Important metabolic routes for omeprazoleCOCH 3CH 3OHOCH 3CH 3N CH 2[O]CYP2C19ONOCH 3SNHH 3CH 2N[O]ONOCH 3SNH[O]CYP2C19CYP3A4OCH 3H 3C CH 3N CH 2OSHNNOHCOCH 3CH 3H 3CH 2NONOCH 3SO NHLindberg / von Unge

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