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From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel

From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel

nepalannapurna base

nepalannapurna base campsUS$3070*CA$3075*Active*plus Local Payment US$400Physicalculture shock• Trek to the 5,416 mThorung Pass• Reach the incredibleAnnapurna Base Camp• Experience theextreme beauty ofNepal’s mountains• Witness the customsand traditions ofmountain villages• Chill-out with a wellearned chai in Pokhara28 days, ex KathmanduITINERARY... Day 1 Kathmandu Start your adventure in thevibrant city of Kathmandu. The rich artistic and cultural heritage ofNepal’s capital is evident in its traditional architecture, which jostlesfor space with more modern symbols. For those who arrive early,take the time to explore Durbar Square in the heart of the city. Thesquare is home to the Kumari Devi, Kathmandu’s resident livinggoddess. Visit the Kathmandu Environmental Education Projectin preparation for the trek ahead. Day 2 Bandipur Perched highon a ridge, the trading village of Bandipur offers a first glimpse ofthe Annapurna Ranges. Explore the surrounding countryside totake in the stunning views and maybe call in to the ornately carvedBindabasini temple. This little known Newari trading village iswell off the tourist trails and is an ideal place to meet some localsand get a taste of their life. Days 3-25 Annapurna Sanctuary/Base Camps Set among some of the most beautiful scenery inthe world, the Annapurna Circuit is a challenging but incrediblyrewarding trek. Out on the trail, meet warm and welcoming localsherding yaks and goats on grassy pastures as you complete a loopof the ranges. Experience the ancestral traditions and customs ofmountain communities and call in at remote hilltop monasteries.Navigate icy rivers, traverse broad plains and cross mountain passes- you’ll feel on top of the world as you reach the highest pass at5,416 m (17,770 ft). Spend nights in cosy teahouses where simpleyet filling meals will keep you fighting fit. The hiking is tough attimes but the inspiring views, cultural immersion and sense ofachievement make it all worthwhile. Day 26 Pokhara Come backdown to earth, taking a steep descent off the mountains until thetrail flattens out on the banks of a river. Heading past Birethanti,jump into a van and drive to Pokhara. This chilled-out town is theperfect post-trek destination. Relax by the lake or choose fromthe many local and international-style restaurants. Days 27-28Kathmandu Experience the eclectic sights of Kathmandu. Theaptly nick-named ‘Monkey’ temple of Swayambhunath is wellworth a visit, as are the many street markets. Seek out a restaurantto feast on dhal and maybe knock back a beer to celebrate theamazing trek.Start Finish200808 Sep 05 Oct22 Sep 19 Oct06 Oct 02 Nov20 Oct 16 Nov03 Nov 30 Nov17 Nov 14 Dec01 Dec 28 Dec15 Dec 11 Jan29 Dec 25 Jan200912 Jan 08 Feb19 Jan 15 Feb09 Feb 08 Mar16 Feb 15 MarAbove: Young Nepalese locals, Kathmandu, NepalMiddle: Nepalese cuisine, NepalBelow: Annapurna base camp, NepalACCOMMODATION Hotels/guesthouses (4 nts), teahouse lodges (23 nts).TRANSPORT Bus, minibus, walking GROUP SIZE Max 12 MEALS BUDGET AllowUS$540 for meals not included DEPARTS Selected Mon GUARANTEE Subject tomin 4 NOTES 1. This trip starts at 13:00 on day 1. Please be ready for the groupmeeting with your local payment. TRAVELLER RATING Not applicable as this isa new itinerary23 Feb 22 Mar09 Mar 05 Apr16 Mar 12 Apr23 Mar 19 Apr06 Apr 03 May13 Apr 10 May20 Apr 17 May04 May 31 May11 May 07 JunTRIP CODENXB21

nepalmera peakUS$3070*CA$3075*Active*plus Local Payment US$300Physicalculture shock• Scale the heights ofdazzling Mera Peak• Learn to usetechnical climbing gear• Follow magnificentglaciers• Camp amongmountains and valleys• Explore the sights ofvibrant Kathmandu• Experience Nepal’sspectacular wilderness21 days, ex KathmanduITINERARY... Days 1-2 Kathmandu A bustling city, Kathmanduis teeming with legends, lanes and lentil soups. Explore its crowdedmarkets, old-world squares and historic sights. Be sure to climb upto the ‘Monkey’ temple of Swayambhunath for fantastic views overthe city and valley below. Visit KEEP (Kathmandu EnvironmentalEducation Project) to learn about low-impact tourism and trekkingfor the days ahead. KEEP is a not-for-profit organisation supportedby The Intrepid Foundation. Day 3 Lukla Take a short flight to thedramatic mountain airstrip of Lukla then head to the mountainlodge to relax. There is an opportunity to gather your thoughts andacclimatise on a gentle afternoon walk. Days 4-17 Mera PeakWarm up with steady, but constant, ascents over the next 10 days,trekking across the spectacular mountain scenery that Nepal isfamous for. Trek along the Hingu Valley, discovering remote communitiesand the odd Himalayan mink hiding in the rocky terrain.Follow Dig Glacier and take in your first stunning views of the northface of Mera. Continue on to Khare, where there is time to becomefamiliarised with the trekking kit and get in some climbing practicebefore the ascent. Put your new found climbing skills to the test asyou traverse the Mera Glacier en route to the Mera Peak Base Camp.After a cool, dark 2am trek, it’s time to ascend to the summit of MeraPeak, the highest trekking peak in Nepal. Jump for joy as you reachthe towering summit - but make sure to save some energy for thedescent! Descend back to Khare and begin the homeward trek.Days 18-19 Lukla Even after 2 weeks it’s hard not to be awed bythat final mountain view as you peer out of your tent for the lasttime. Back down at ‘low’ altitudes, approximately 2,800 m (9,186 ft),you’ll barely notice the occasional climbs of the final hike back toLukla. Celebrate a challenging but incredibly rewarding trek witha cold beer or steaming chai. Days 20-21 Kathmandu Take offon a return flight from Lukla’s spectacular runway and return tobusy Kathmandu. Book in for a well earned massage or wander thecolourful streets if you just can’t stop walking. There’s always moreto see here and if your backpack suddenly feels lighter with yournew mountain muscles, there’s plenty of shopping temptation atthe busy bazaars to fill it up with.Start Finish200806 Oct 26 Oct10 Nov 30 Nov200923 Mar 12 Apr27 Apr 17 MayAbove: Mera peak, NepalBelow: Mera peak trek, NepalACCOMMODATION Hotels/guesthouses (3 nts), teahouse lodges (3 nts),camping (14 nts) TRANSPORT Plane, bus, walking GROUP SIZE Max 8 MEALS15 Breakfasts, 16 Lunches, 16 Dinners BUDGET Allow US$240 for meals notincluded DEPARTS Selected Mon GUARANTEE Subject to min 4 TRAVELLERRATING Not applicable as this is a new itineraryTRIP CODEnxm22

From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel
From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel
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