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From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel

From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel

nepalroyal nepalUS$1605

nepalroyal nepalUS$1605 singleCA$1605 singleUS$1145 twinCA$1145 twinIndependentPhysicalculture shock• Immerse yourself inthe swirl of Kathmandu’sbusy life• See the magnificenttemples of Bhaktapur• Experience the thrill ofa fully supported trekin the Himalayas10 days, ex KathmanduDeparts dailyITINERARY... Day 1 Kathmandu Explore the streets ofcolourful Kathmandu, a fascinating mixture of legend and moderndevelopment. Crowded bazaars are the centre of Nepali life wherestalls and small hole-in-the-wall shops sell everything from banglesto Buddhas. Day 2 Pokhara Spend the morning exploring moreof Kathmandu. Walk through the heart of the Old City to historicDurbar Square, home to the palace of a living Goddess, the KumariDevi. Then fly to Pokhara, taking in your first views of the Himalayason the way. Pokhara is an exciting town filled with cafes, big viewsand trekkers coming to or from adventures in the mountains.Days 3-5 Himalaya Trek The following day it’s your turn tostretch those legs in the spectacular Himalayas. Stunning viewsand friendly faces await on this mountain trek. Day 6 BandipurWell off the tourist track, Bandipur has sensational views and awarm vibe. Your local guide will bring to life the area’s history,traditions and cultures on a guided tour. Days 7-8 ChitwanNational Park Discover a lost world of towering trees and twistingvines, of lumbering elephants, fierce crocodiles and wild deer atChitwan National Park. Wake at dawn and head out into the foreston an elephant safari. In the evening, enjoy a traditional danceperformance by the Tharu tribe and finish the day with quietconversation around the campfire. Days 9-10 Kathmandu Themorning is at your leisure for relaxing or more exploration of theNational Park before driving back to the enigmatic capital and theend of your royal adventure.Swayambhunath, Kathmandu, NepalACCOMMODATION Hotels (5 nts), camping (2 nts), wildlife resort (2 nts)TRANSPORT Plane, private vehicle, jeep, canoe, elephant, walking MEALS 8Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 6 Dinners BUDGET Allow US$130 for meals not includedDEPARTS Daily, subject to availability NOTES Round trip airport to hoteltransfers are included, please advise us of flight details at least 14 days prior todeparture TRAVELLER RATING 4.69 out of 5TRIP CODEnaphighlights of nepal in styleUS$1825 singleCA$1825 singleUS$1190 twinCA$1190 twinIndependentPhysicalculture shock• Soak up the exoticatmosphere inKathmandu• Chill-out in lakesidePokhara• Embark on a wildlifesafari in ChitwanNational Park8 days, ex KathmanduDeparts dailyITINERARY... Days 1-2 Kathmandu Visit the medieval townof Bhaktapur, the ‘Monkey’ temple of Swayambhunath and theatmospheric cremation ghats at Pashupatinath. Take a walkthrough the heart of the Old City to historic Durbar Square. Afterbusy days exploring, retire to your hotel, an historic piece in itsown right. Intiricately decorated with carved wood and terracottawork, many windows date back to the 16th century and the woodwork alone is centuries old. Days 3-4 Pokhara Drive to Pokhara,a beautiful lakeside town set against a backdrop of snow-cappedmountains. Pokhara sits on what was once a vibrant trade routebetween India and Tibet. To this day, mule trains can be seencamped on the outskirts of the town, bringing in goods fromremote Himalayan regions. The town also has a modern heart andyou’ll be spoilt for choice between cosmopolitan restaurants andcafes. Observe the majestic views from Sarangkot, visit David’s Fallsand take a boat trip on Phewa Lake. Days 5-7 Chitwan NationalPark Home to the Bengal tiger and one-horned rhino, the ChitwanNational Park offers the possibility of close-up views of wildlife intheir natural habitat. Take an elephant safari through the park tospot everything from crocodiles to wild rhinos. Stay in a beautifullodge and wake in the mornings to the sound of forest birdsong.Enjoy a traditional dance performance by the Tharu tribe. Day 8Kathmandu Return to Kathmandu and enjoy leisure time untilyour transfer to the airport.Above: Intrepid Photography Competition 2007, Baby elephant at play - Mirella ZeuschnerBelow: Chitwan National Park, NepalACCOMMODATION 5-star hotel (3 nts), lodges (4 nts) TRANSPORT Plane, privatevehicle, jeep, canoe, elephant MEALS 7 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 2 Dinners BUDGETAllow US$130 for meals not included DEPARTS Daily, subject to availabilityNOTES Round trip airport to hotel transfers are included, please advise us offlight details at least 14 days prior to departure TRAVELLER RATING 4.65 out of 5TRIP CODEnah27

nepal & bhutannepal family adventureUS$810*CA$810*Family*plus Local Payment US$250Physicalculture shock• Experience the buzz ofKathmandu• Spot rhinos andmonkeys on a Chitwansafari• Meet the locals inquaint Bandipur• Relax in laid-backPokhara11 days, ex KathmanduITINERARY... Days 1-2 Kathmandu Chaotic, colourful andculturally rich, Kathmandu is a fascinating mixture of legend andlife. Days 3-4 Chitwan National Park There’s an opportunity totry out white water rafting before heading to the Royal ChitwanNational Park. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, monkeys, tigers anda wide array of birdlife on an exciting wildlife safari. Day 5Bandipur The charming ridge-top village of Bandipur is well offthe main tourist trails. As a one street town, there’s plenty ofopportunities to meet the locals. Day 6 Pokhara The AnnapurnaRanges and a picturesque lake create a breathtaking setting to thiseasy-going town. Head for Sarangkot for superb views or cycleto nearby Tibetan villages specialising in traditional crafts. Day 7Overnight Trek Savour the awesome Himalayan views, friendlysmiling faces and crisp mountain air on a fully supported trekthrough the hills. Spend the night camping among the mountains.Day 8 Pokhara Celebrate your trekking achievements in Pokharawhere you can be as lazy or active as you want. Day 9 NagarkotWith views over almost the entire length of Nepal’s Himalayas,Nargakot is an ideal place to sit back andenjoy the view or join in a bit of kite flyingwith the locals! Days 10-11 KathmanduStart the day with a walk to the temple ofChangu Narayan. On the return journeystop by Bhaktapur and wander the narrowstreets to riverside temples.Start Finish200814 Apr 24 Apr30 Jun 10 Jul28 Jul 07 Aug22 Sep 02 Oct22 Dec 01 Jan200905 Jan 15 Jan12 Jan 22 Jan06 Apr 16 AprChitwan National Park, NepalACCOMMODATION Guesthouses/hotels (8 nts), guesthouse with shared facilities(1 nt), camping (1 nt), TRANSPORT Plane, bus, minibus, jeep, walking, elephantGROUP SIZE Max 14 MEALS 11 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 4 Dinners BUDGET AllowUS$200 for meals not included DEPARTS Selected Mon GUARANTEE Departureguaranteed NOTES 1. Intrepid Family Adventures are designed for families only(i.e. at least one parent or legal guardian and at least one child.) Minimum agefor children is 6 years old. 2. Arrival airport transfers are included, so pleaseadvise flight details at time of booking. TRAVELLER RATING Not applicable asthis is a new itineraryTRIP CODEnfabhutanUS$2670*CA$2670*ComfortSingle supplement available*plus Local Payment US$100Physicalculture shock• See the sights ofKathmandu• Experience peacefulThimphu• Explore the picturesqueGangte Region• Learn the legendsof the temple of thedivine madman9 days, ex KathmanduITINERARY... Day 1 Kathmandu The streets of Kathmandu arescattered with temples and sacred cows. Day 2 Thimphu A shortflight and bus ride delivers us to a different world. Bhutan’s peacefulcapital is unlike any other on earth. There are no traffic lights here,probably because cars did not arrive until 1962. In accordance withthe country’s goal of Gross National Happiness, half of Thimphu’sstores are closed Tuesday, the other half on Wednesday so businesspeople can take a rest with family, away from capitalist pursuits. Seethe National Library’s priceless collection of Buddhist manuscriptsand the golden-spired Memorial Chorten. Days 3-4 PunakhaCross the Dochu La Pass and take in spectacular views of the BhutanHimalayas. Stop to learn the interesting history of Chimi Lhakhang,or ‘Temple of the divine madman’. Day 5 Gangte Region Journeyacross the Pele La to Gangte. Explore Phobjikha Valley, a truly ruralarea without telephones or regular power. If energy is needed itis sourced sporadically from solar or mini-hydro plants. Days 6-7Paro Home to Bhutan’s unusual red rice, Paro is our base for exploringthe ruins of Drugyal Dzong and dramatic Ta Dzong. This circularfortress once protected the valley fromTibetan invaders and currently its watchtoweracts as the National Museum. Joinpilgrims for a trek to Taktshang Monastery.Days 8-9 Kathmandu Return to Paro andthen on to Kathmandu where there is timefor an afternoon’s final sightseeing.Start Finish200827 Jan 04 Feb10 Feb 18 Feb24 Feb 03 Mar16 Mar 24 Mar13 Apr 21 Apr27 Apr 05 May11 May 19 May06 Jul 14 Jul24 Aug 01 Sep21 Sep 29 Sep05 Oct 13 Oct09 Nov 17 Nov30 Nov 08 DecTaktshang Monastery, Bhutan - Jo EdgeleyACCOMMODATION Hotels/guesthouses (8 nts) TRANSPORT Plane, minibus,auto-rickshaw GROUP SIZE Max 12 MEALS 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 6 DinnersBUDGET Allow US$200 for meals not included DEPARTS Selected SunGUARANTEE Subject to min 4 NOTES Arrival airport transfer is included, pleaseadvise flight details at time of booking TRAVELLER RATING 4.33 out of 5200904 Jan 12 Jan25 Jan 02 Feb15 Feb 23 Feb12 Apr 20 Apr17 May 25 May14 Jun 22 JunTRIP CODEnkb28

From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel
From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel
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