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From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel

From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel


campingtrekkingtechnical climbingyak-tasticmera peakpage : 22, NXMeverest base camppage : 14, NXEisland peakpage : 23, NXIsouthern route to everestpage : 25, NXRWake in the mornings,unzip your tent and take apeak outside - no matterhow many days you’vebeen trekking the view willstill take your breath away.Go for a trek with NepaleseSherpas, some of the fastestmountain climbers in theworld. You’ll be awed by thespeed with which they lugpacks across the Himalayas.Learn the finer points oftechnical climbing thenput your new skills to work.You’ll be breathless in manyways when you see theincredible summit views.Encounter yak after yak afteryak as you trek. You’ll eattheir cheese, they may carryyour bags and it’s morethan likely that their dungwill fuel your evening fire!happy dayspokharabandipurelephant safaribhutanpage : 28, NKBannapurna circuitpage : 15, NXCnepalpage : 18, NXNroyal nepalpage : 27, NAPSupport the Bhutangovernment’s policy of‘Gross National Happiness’and make friends with thelocals, some of the happiestpeople on earth.After a hard trek in themountains there’s nothinglike coming back to civilisation.Relax by the lake, sip achai and write postcards ofyour amazing adventures.Perhaps because travellersare a rarity in Bandipur, thelocals here are incrediblyfriendly. Don’t be surprisedif they chat with you inNepalese as you explore!Go on safari the traditionalway - on the back of anelephant. You’ll have theperfect viewing place tospot rhinos, birds and evenNepal’s elusive tigers!Intrepid’s real life experiences in nepal…

nepaleverest base campUS$870*CA$875*Active*plus Local Payment US$200Physicalculture shock• Admire Everest fromBase Camp• Visit remote hilltopmonasteries• Stay in traditionalmountain teahouses• Trek through themagnificent Himalayas• Explore excitingKathmandu• See Sherpa life andculture up close15 days, ex KathmanduITINERARY... Day 1 Kathmandu An excellent launching pointfor the adventure ahead, vibrant and eclectic Kathmandu is richin artistic and cultural heritage and full of fascinating sights. If youarrive early, check out Durbar Square, home to the palace of theKumari Devi, who is considered to be a living goddess. Visit KEEP(Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) to learn how tominimise your impact on communities and the environment whiletrekking. KEEP is a not-for-profit organisation supported by TheIntrepid Foundation. Days 2-13 Everest Base Camp Enjoy an opportunityof a lifetime, trekking to magnificent Everest’s base camp.While the 8,850 m (29,035 ft) peak of Everest is the ultimate goal fordie-hard adventurers, reaching the Base Camp at 5,364 m (17,560 ft)is an incredible achievement in itself. The trek is more than a physicalchallenge, it is an opportunity to explore some of the world’smost remote and breathtaking mountain scenery and experiencethe diversity of Himalayan traditions and religions up close. You’llhave plenty of time over the next 12 days to gain a respect for thesheer might of Everest and learn about Sherpa culture. In the villageof Phortse you may even have the opportunity to chat with guideswho have reached the summit. Your route will follow remote paths,cross glaciers, traverse valleys and climb high mountain passes.After a long day’s trek you’ll rest each evening in local teahouses.On day 9 you’ll reach your goal, ascending to the foot of Mt Everestto reach Base Camp. The adventure doesn’t end here. From BaseCamp, make an early start to reach Kala Pathar at 5,545 m (18,190 ft)for unforgettable views of Everest, Lhotse and the jagged peaks ofthis awe-inspiring region. It’s a tough hike but you’ll be able to takeit easier on the descent over the following days. On the trek to Lukla,call in at the Tengboche Monastery and the Sherpa Heritage Foundation.Stay overnight in Lukla before bidding the mountains goodbyeas you leave its slopes. Days 14-15 Kathmandu The flightfrom Lukla to the capital is short and rewarding, with great viewsback across the Himalayas. Soak up more of Kathmandu’s colourfulatmosphere with a spot of shopping among the network of streetmarkets. If shopping is not your thing, take a day trip to the adjacentcity of Patan, with its abundance of temples and monasteries.Start Finish200805 Apr 19 Apr12 Apr 26 Apr19 Apr 03 May26 Apr 10 May03 May 17 May10 May 24 May17 May 31 May24 May 07 Jun31 May 14 Jun07 Jun 21 Jun16 Aug 30 Aug23 Aug 06 Sep28 Aug 11 Sep30 Aug 13 Sep04 Sep 18 Sep06 Sep 20 Sep11 Sep 25 Sep13 Sep 27 Sep18 Sep 02 Oct20 Sep 04 Oct25 Sep 09 Oct27 Sep 11 Oct04 Oct 18 Oct08 Oct 22 Oct11 Oct 25 Oct18 Oct 01 Nov22 Oct 05 Nov25 Oct 08 Nov01 Nov 15 Nov05 Nov 19 Nov08 Nov 22 Nov15 Nov 29 Nov19 Nov 03 Dec22 Nov 06 Dec29 Nov 13 Dec03 Dec 17 Dec06 Dec 20 Dec13 Dec 27 DecAbove: Everest base camp trek, NepalBelow: Bridge before Namche Village, NepalACCOMMODATION Hotels/guesthouses (2 nts), teahouse lodges (12 nts)TRANSPORT Plane, bus, walking GROUP SIZE Max 12 MEALS No mealsincluded BUDGET Allow US$300 for meals not included DEPARTS Selected Wed& Sat GUARANTEE Departure guaranteed NOTES This trip starts at 1:00pm onday 1 TRAVELLER RATING 4.74 out of 517 Dec 31 Dec20 Dec 03 Jan24 Dec 07 Jan27 Dec 10 Jan31 Dec 14 Jan200903 Jan 17 Jan10 Jan 24 Jan17 Jan 31 Jan24 Jan 07 Feb31 Jan 14 Feb07 Feb 21 Feb14 Feb 28 Feb18 Feb 04 Mar21 Feb 07 Mar28 Feb 14 Mar07 Mar 21 Mar11 Mar 25 Mar14 Mar 28 Mar21 Mar 04 Apr28 Mar 11 Apr04 Apr 18 Apr11 Apr 25 Apr15 Apr 29 Apr18 Apr 02 May25 Apr 09 May29 Apr 13 May02 May 16 May09 May 23 May16 May 30 May23 May 06 Jun30 May 13 Jun06 Jun 20 JunTRIP CODEnxe14

From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel
From the snow-covered peaks of Mt Everest to the ... - Intrepid Travel
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