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100 Services and

100 Services and featuresA visible indication appears on the client to alert a user to a voicemailmessage.System administrators provisions voicemail servers and MWI.MWI is not provided to a Converged Desktop user on the AS system whena C20 Converged Softswitch hosts voicemail.GENCom for WindowsThe voicemail icon flashes when there is a message waiting.IP PhonesThe message waiting or user's telephone icon appears on the display.Only AS supports this service for IP Phones and GENCom for Windows.Music On HoldThis section describes Music On Hold.Feature descriptionWith this feature, the administrator can provision the AS system to playmusic while a caller is on hold. It is possible to implement the Music OnHold service for the following types of hold: end user, transfer, and CallPark. This service continuously plays music for the user on hold. It doesnot restart the music for each new caller that a user puts on hold.When users who have Music On Hold in their service package putconference attendees on hold, then everyone in the conference call hearsthe music. If a second user with Music On Hold activated also puts those inthe conference on hold, the users on hold hear music from the first andsecond users. This scenario is true for conference calls established outsideof the AS system.The Music on hold service is not supported by the Ad Hoc and MeetMeConference features.An administrator can chain media files for the Music On Hold service andprovide more than one music file. An administrator can also swap inserviceor in-reserve Music On Hold media files to play at particular times.The Music On Hold server supports announcements in the G.711 and G.729 CODECs. This type of server supports the .wav file format for MusicOn Hold source files.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Calling/Telephony 101Feature operationWhen a user who has the Music on Hold feature provisioned puts a calleron hold, the caller hears the music or tones assigned to the user. Files playin alphabetical order and start at a random point. Users cannot activate ordeactivate this service. However, they can use the Personal Agent to see ifthe service is provisioned for them.Network-based Call LogsThis section describes Network-based Call Logs.Feature descriptionThe Personal Agent user has access to inbound and outbound calls. Withnetwork-based call logs, users can view calls and make calls from thePersonal Agent. The Personal Agent will display network call logs if theuser is provisioned to use the Network-based call log service. Networkbasedcall logs appear on the Personal Agent.Network-based call logs capture the log for calls missed whether the callerleaves a message or not. One icon appears in the display to denote anunanswered call, and another icon denotes an answered call. AllConverged Desktop calls and outbox calls are considered to be answered.It might take up to one minute for a call to appear on the Personal Agent.A checkbox appears beside each network-based call log to allow users toselect one or more logs. A user can select a call log to add to, or deletefrom, their Personal Address Book. When a user adds a call participant totheir address book, the user-name portion of the SIP address appears inthe contact nickname field.A user can list the call logs in ascending or descending order by clicking onany of the following field names as the specified sort criterion: Type,From/To, Time, Duration, Addresses. The default display for this list is bytime, with the most recent call at the top.Calls that originate from an access client using the Converged Desktopservice are logged as outgoing with a duration of 0. Calls that terminate toa Converged Desktop are logged as answered with a duration of 0.The user can initiate a call by clicking the Call hyperlink to open the Clickto Call page.The Database Manager enforces the maximum number of logs allowed inthe inbox and outbox through periodic audit and removal of logs (in orderfrom oldest to most recent) that exceed the maximum number of call logs.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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