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104 Services and

104 Services and featuresThe Session Manager coordinates the PRBT call handling and otheradvanced call routing services such as SimRing and Sequential Ringing. Acall placed to a PRBT subscriber causes the Session Manager to initiateand bridge a connection to the MAS to supply the ringback media. After auser answers a call, the Session Manager removes the MAS from the callpath.Feature operationIf you provision end users with the PRBT service, they can use the RouteWizard in the Personal Agent anytime to change or customize the audio toplay to incoming callers.Program keysThis section describes the Program keys feature.With a simple press of a button, the unused line keys on an IP Phone canaccess commonly used features. Users can program keys to• speed dial to an address or number• send an instant message• forward calls• change their Presence status (IP Phone 2002, 2004, 2007 and 1100Series only)After a user logs on, any user re-programed key responds with a newfeature. When a user logs off, the key returns to its originally programedfeature. The primary line key (1) is not available for programming.You can access the Program key option through the Services menu.RedirectThis section describes the Redirect feature.All access clients let users choose to redirect incoming ringing calls. Whenselected, this service prompts the user to either enter a destinationaddress or select an entry in the address book, inbox, or outbox (whereapplicable). The Redirect button appears on incoming call windows or, inthe case of an IP Phone, as a soft key.Reject reasonsThis section describes the Reject reasons feature, which is available onlyon IP Phone 2002, 2004, 2007 and 1100 Series phones.Users can choose to send a text reason to a caller explaining why they aredeclining a call. GENCom for Windows users can enter the reason in thetext box provided. IP Phone users can preprogram reasons through the15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Calling/Telephony 105View>Reject Reasons menu option. Users with access to the PersonalAgent can preprogram reasons through the PersonalAgent>Preferences>Personals>Reasons menu options. The PersonalAgent reason list is only available to IP Phone users.Reminder RingReminder Ring service works with Call Forwarding Immediate (CFI)service. If a user activates CFI to another destination for all incoming calls,Reminder Ring service sends a new notification to the user for eachforwarded call. The client must subscribe to dialog events on registration inorder to get notified by SESM. After subscribing to this event successfully,SESM recognizes the client and notifies it with Reminder Ring for incomingcalls. The client plays a short ring, of 0.5 seconds duration, on theforwarding line as a reminder that CFI is active. The user is not able toanswer the call while this feature is active, but is able to originate calls.Network Speed DialSpeed Dialing allows subscribers to dial a pre-selected phone number byentering either a single digit or two digits followed by the pound, hash, ornumber (#) symbol. Three types of Speed Dial are supported: subscriberscan set up a total of 8 single-digit Speed Dialing keys (from 2 to 9); 80 twodigitspeed dialing key-combinations (20 - 99); or 88 key-combinations ofsingle-digit and two-digits Speed Dialing keys (from 2 to 9 and from 20 to99) on the telephone number pad, by using the digits 0-9.A subscriber is configured by the administrator with either one-digit speeddialing capability, two-digit speed dialing capability, or both capabilities.The language of the announcements played during speed dialing isselected based on the following priority order: Accept-Language headersent by subscriber's client or Home Country / Home Language assigned tothe subscriber or Locale assigned to the subscriber.The following is the process for programming Speed Dialing:• A user dials the Speed Dialing programming access code (for example,*74# for single-digit programming or *84# for two-digit programming).• An announcement is played prompting for the correct type of dialingcode, either one digit or two digits.• The user enters the appropriate number of digits, followed by thephone number, and then followed, optionally, by the number (#)symbol.• After the number (#) symbol is received, or after a timeout, anannouncement is played that confirms the entry just made.• After the confirmation announcement is played, the EXPERiUS AS(SESM) drops the call.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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