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116 Services and featuresClipboardThis section describes the Clipboard feature.Feature descriptionClipboard is a Sharing tool that allows two GENCom for Windows users toexchange Windows clipboard content. Users can share text, photos,drawings, Web bookmarks, and Email address books. The clipboardfeature is controlled by the Client Collaboration service. Users can receivethe Sharing tool if they have the Client Collaborations service. Theadministrator enables the Transfer Clipboard parameter to initiate sharing.Feature operationUsers access the clipboard by clicking Share on the main window to openthe Sharing window.File ExchangeThis section describes the File Exchange tool.The File Exchange tool allows two users of the regular GENCom forWindows or GENCom for Windows with the Converged Desktop service toshare files. Users launch the File Exchange through Tools>Send File whenthey are not on an active call. To send a file to the person they are calling,users click Sharing in the Voice Conversation window. The Sharing buttonopens the Sharing control panel where users access the Send File icon.Users specify their default folder for receiving all file transfers, throughTools>Preferences>File Exchange.IM BroadcastThis section describes the IM Broadcast feature.Feature descriptionThe IM Broadcast feature allows a user to send instant messages (IM) tomultiple users simultaneously. To begin, a user selects multiple recipientsand then opens the IM Broadcast window. Users can repeatedly sendmessages to all recipients while the window is open. The window remainsopen until the user manually ends the session by closing the window.Any replies to a broadcast message launches a new IM Conversationwindow from the individual replying to the broadcast message.The IM Broadcast window can send messages but it cannot receivemessages.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Multimedia 117The instant message broadcast activity is dependent on the IM service. Ifyou do not have IM service enabled in your service package, you cannotsend a message to multiple users simultaneously.Feature operationA user can open the IM Broadcast window through one of the followingmethods:• the Tools option on the menu bar• the Instant Message button in the console bar of the GENCom forWindows• the Instant Message button in the right-hand area of the GENCom forWindowsThe IM Broadcast feature uses the Start IM window and the Conversationwindow framework for an IM Chat. To begin an IM broadcast, a user mustadd multiple users to a list of participants in the Instant Message window.Selecting multiple recipients enables the Start IM Broadcast Sessionbutton. Multiple users can also be added to a broadcast list through theFriends list, Recent list, and the Directory.The user can also use the Input box.A user can also initiate the feature from the Friends Online window byright-clicking on the Send Broadcast Instant Message for groups.When the user clicks Start IM Broadcast Session, the IM Broadcastwindow opens. To send the finished message, the user clicks Send. Thewindow remains open after the message is sent.The user receives an error messages if there are unrecognized users inthe list or if one of selected users is not logged on.IM ChatThis section describes the IM Chat feature.Feature descriptionThe IM Chat feature allows users to perform these instant messaging (IM)tasks:• Send IMs to multiple users in a chat room in which all participants cansend messages to others.• Invite other users to join the chat room.• Browse online chat rooms.• Select and join a specific chat room.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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