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120 Services and featuresturn delivers the IM to the external community. Similarly, when a user fromthe other community sends an IM to an AS user, the IM is delivered to theJabber server that delivers the IM to the SESM, which will forward the IMto the AS client.AS clients can also send a minimal set of emoticons across to the externalcommunity users.The XMPP connection between the Application Server and the JabberServer remains connected, even if the user stays inactive for a while. Thisis done through the XMPP messages by resetting the timeout value for aparticular AS user's session.Presence supportThrough the Jabber gateway, AS clients gain the ability to view thepresence status of users in other communities. In addition, the ASSubscriber's presence status can be sent to users in the other communitywho have subscribed to their presence.The Presence function allows users to subscribe to another user’spresence to see the other user’s availability status. When the presencestatus of the user is changed, a notification message is sent to all whohave subscribed to that user’s presence. A user subscribing to anotheruser’s presence is called a watcher.Instant Messaging (IM)This section describes Instant Messaging.Feature descriptionThe Instant Messaging (IM) feature allows you to send to and receive textnotes from one or more recipients whether you are engaged in an activecall or not. You can send and receive instant messages from the GENComfor Windows and GENCom for Windows Set.Feature operationAll Instant Message (IM) icons and options are available on all clients forusers. IM Broadcast and IM Chat services are available to all users.MeetMe Web Collaboration and Unified Communications CollaborationThere are two service offerings for web collaboration capabilities inconjunction with the MeetMe conferencing service: Web Collaboration andUnified Communications Collaboration. You can only install one webconferencing service or the other; you cannot install both services. Thissection describes the web collaboration features.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Multimedia 121Feature descriptionThe MeetMe web collaboration features use MeetMe Conferencing for aneffortless user experience. From GENCom for Windows , a user dials in toa MeetMe conference and the server automatically pushes thecollaboration session to the participants.The web collaboration tools are powerful, yet simple-to-use tools that allowsecure displays of real-time presentations on the Internet. Requiringminimal training and support, they provide the most common featuresneeded for web presentations.Web collaboration starts quickly and has a simple sign-in process. Userscan use MeetMe for planned or ad hoc presentations, when simplicity andflexibility are required. There is no need to reserve anything. Users can useMeetMe to present anything they need to share from a computer. Userscan publish and review Microsoft Office documents, or leverage onlinecontent during presentations. Users can also share desktop applicationsfor software demonstrations and application training.Web collaboration is flexible and secure. Joining presentations requiresonly a browser and an Internet connection. Participants can join from anycomputer or web appliance.A small software plug-in must be installed to support the applicationsharing mode. All communications are encrypted with 128-bit to keeppresentations confidential.Users can easily access conference functions and tools through the GUI.The presenter controls the presentation, and determines what participantssee in conference windows.Language selection and use in the collaboration session is based upon aMeetMe Conference alias that a user dials. The available aliases are listedfor a user in the Personal Agent under the MeetMe Preferences. Thispreference permits language selection for the Graphical User Interface(GUI) for tool tips, dialog boxes, and user help. It does not translate thepresenter's presentation.MeetMe web collaboration services offer these services:• Extend the capability of MeetMe conferencing.• Add the ability to launch a web collaboration session.• Allows users to present Microsoft Office documents.• Allows users to share desktop applications.• Allows optional Secure Socket Layer or AS/HTTPS browser sessionsfor security.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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