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138 Services and

138 Services and features• LGE 58xx• Avaya 11x0Feature operationThe CUG service runs on both originating and terminating sides of thecommunication. On the originating side, the CUG information of theoriginating client is determined and added into the SIP message. On theterminating side, the terminating client’s CUG information is comparedagainst the originating client’s. According to the CUG and membersettings, the corresponding communication is rejected or passed along.If a call is rejected due to the CUG validations of this communication, thecall originator hears a selected audio file. SIP responses that indicate arejection are either 603 (due to barring conditions provisioned for the CUGor member), or 403 (due to other CUG rule violations).If the terminating side has CPL, which forwards messages to multiple useragents, and one of the agents rejects an incoming instant message, theoriginating side is not informed about this rejection. The originating side isinformed about an instant message rejection only when all of the forwardedagents reject the instant message.Device RestrictionsThis section describes Device Restrictions.Feature descriptionDevice restrictions provide a means to turn off functions on an IP Phone. Incertain situations, it is desirable to restrict full use of the telephone'sfeatures. For example, the IP phone can provide hotline access to aspecific address. In this case, users would not require access to theaddress book or inbox, to name just a couple features. Open office areasmight require that device restrictions are applied in order to disable the useof the hands free feature.IP Phone features and services fall into two categories: those associatedwith a user ID and those associated with the phone. Administrators canapply restricted access to user IDs through the Device Access Restrictionsservice package parameter and restrict the device functions of IP Phonesthrough the device-level domain Restriction parameter.When IP Phone functions are restricted, the buttons and soft keys areeither not accessible or do not respond.Global Address Book RestrictionThis section describes Global Address Book Restriction.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

System Administration 139Feature descriptionThe Global Address Book feature allows users to search for other userswithin their domain. Users can search by name, SIP address, or phonenumber. A user may access the global address book from the PersonalAgent, IP Phones (IP Phone 2002, 2004, 2007 and 1100 Series only), orthe GENCom for Windows. In some markets the ability to search foranother user's information violates privacy regulations. Some users maynot want their phone numbers published.The global address book restriction feature allows an administrator todisable the global address book functionality for all users in a specifieddomain. This change resolves any problems with privacy regulations.Feature operationThis section describes feature operations of the Global Address Book.Personal AgentThe Personal Agent directory window does not have the option to selectthe global address book in the SEARCH field drop-down list.The Personal Agent's Route Wizard does not have the option to selectusers from the global address book.GENCom for WindowsWhen the "Global Address Book Enabled" parameter is False, GENComfor Windows users receive an error message when they perform a globaladdress book search.IP PhonesWhen the "Global Address Book Enabled" parameter is False, the Srchsoft key does not appear on the display of an idle IP Phone.When the "Global Address Book Enabled" parameter is False, usersreceive an error message when they try to perform a search in the GlobalAddress Book.When multiple users log on to an IP Phone, the Srch soft key does notappear if all the users are in a domain where the "Global Address BookEnabled" is False.When a user tries to perform a search of the Global Address Book andmultiple users are logged on, the user alias prompted to select a name tosearch for. The user will only see those people whose domains have theGlobal Address Book enabled. If the address book is not available toanyone, the user receives an error message.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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