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152 Components and

152 Components and configurations• Ad-Hoc Conferencing• Meet-Me Audio and Video Conferencing• IVR/Auto-Attendant• Conference Recording• Screen sharing• HD codec support with increased scale and port capacityThe MAS/MS is not deployed in high-availability pairs. For serviceresiliency purposes, the MAS/MS is engineered in service pools which mayconsist of multiple local servers. The SESM switches available MAS/MSresources into call flows when required. The MAS/MS cannot beengineered for full Geo-Redundancy; instead, geographic resilience isachieved by mirroring MAS/MS resources at each Geo-Location (alongwith SM and SESM).Additional MAS capacity can be achieved by adding additional supportedservers. For PSI type services, MAS resources can also be configured ingroup for load sharing.GENBAND Media Server (GMS)The GENBAND Media Server (GMS) provides SIP-driven media services,and it runs as a virtualized application with RedHat KVM on an IntelligentApplication Rack Mount Server (IA RMS). A single IA RMS can supporttwo virtualized or virtual machine (VM) instances of the GMS.The GMS processes MSML and VXML commands through SIP from theAS (the control agent) to provide the following call processing services:• Ringback• Branding• Digit Collection• Music on Hold (MOH)• Treatment• Ad Hoc Conferencing (audio and video)SPiDR(Optional) The SPiDR WebRTC Gateway delivers independent media andsignaling interworking capabilities and provides transcoding functionsneeded to effectively and efficiently bridge communications betweentraditional VoIP networks and the open ecosystem of the Internet. ThroughSPiDR, WebRTC looks like a traditional SIP client to the network.However, to the application developer, SPiDR provides an open set of webAPIs for embedding communications into their solutions.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

PSTN Interconnect (EXPERiUS Standalone only) 153See the SPiDR documentation suite, beginning with EXPERiUS SPiDRProduct Description (630–01837–01), for more information.Intelligent Messaging Manager (IMM)(Optional) IMM provides unified messaging capabilities (voicemail, visualvoicemail on web or mobile, notification services, and subscriber managedpreferences) as well as integrated fax store and forward, auto-attendant,and audio conferencing capabilities.See the IMM documentation suite (beginning with EXPERiUS IntelligentMessaging Manager Product Description (630–01591–01) ) for moreinformation.XMPP Instant Messaging Gateway(Optional) This component provides support for interconnect to a serviceprovider’s XMPP-based IM Gateway, enabling interconnect of AS instantmessages and presence with other established messaging/presencedomains (for example, Google and Yahoo!). This component is notmanaged by the SM.Unified Conferencing (UC)(Optional) This component provides unified conferencing capabilities.Integrated Access Device (IAD)The third-party Integrated Access Device (IAD) converts between SIP andanalog telephones, which allows analog telephones to be used with AS.The IAD:• interworks with all SIP clients and associated voice mail systems• supports SIP multimedia services, such as audio conferencing andMusic on HoldFor more information about the IAD, see the vendor documentation.PSTN Interconnect (EXPERiUS Standalone only)Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Gateway(Optional) PRI-based interconnect into the PSTN continues to be providedby AudioCodes. This includes support for the MG3200 as in precursorAS5200 deployments. It is not managed by the SM.ISDN User Part (ISUP) Gateway(Optional) This component introduces support for ISUP interconnect intothe PSTN using the Dialogic IMG1010. It is not managed by the SM.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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