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154 Components and

154 Components and configurationsConfigurationsEXPERiUS can be configured:• as a standalone solution (AS)• as a standards-compliant IMS application server (AS IMS)• with a C20 (C20–EXPERiUS)• as a hybrid solutionASIn this configuration, the AS handles registration, presence, multimediaservices, and routing requests to the terminating parties as needed. Thisconfiguration involves the deployment of all Core, Multimedia Interconnect,and PSTN Interconnect components.AS IMSIn IMS mode, EXPERiUS acts as an application server as defined in the3GPP IMS solution. The AS provides multimedia services to IMSsubscribers while routing and presence is handled by the IMS core. Thisconfiguration involves the deployment of all the Core and MultimediaInterconnect components as needed.C20–EXPERiUSThe C20-EXPERiUS configuration has the AS configured as a SIP Linesgateway providing SIP lines capabilities and services to C20 subscribers.In this configuration, the AS is fully integrated into the C20 provisioning andoperations. This configuration involves the deployment of the Core andMultimedia Interconnect components.HybridPrior to the introduction of this feature, in conventional AS deployments,subscribers could be located only on an EXPERiUS AS solution or on aC20–EXPERiUS solution, and IMS subscribers could be located only on anIMS solution. The AS hybrid configuration, introduced in AS 10.0 and CVM17, enables the three types of solutions to operate in one common systemthat fully supports C20 SIP PBX Trunks, SIP Lines, EXPERiUS ASsubscribers, EXPERiUS AS SIP PBX Trunks, and IMS subscribers. In thisconverged configuration, EXPERiUS AS, C20–EXPERiUS, and IMSsubscribers are still able to access the features supported by theirparticular solution.Hybrid configurations that include both EXPERiUS AS and C20–EXPERiUS subscribers cannot upgrade to C20 R18. The C20 R18upgrade will need to be deferred until the availability of the next EXPERiUSrelease that supports both EXPERiUS AS and C20–EXPERiUSconfigurations.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Configurations 155A greenfield hybrid configuration can be deployed either with an initialC20–EXPERiUS system or as an extension to an existing C20-EXPERiUSsystem. Although C20-EXPERiUS systems can be extended to a hybridconfiguration, this feature does not support extension to a hybridconfiguration from either an EXPERiUS AS or an AS-IMS system. If thedeployment is Greenfield, a C20-EXPERiUS initial deployment is requiredas well, and migration is then completed to a hybrid configuration by theaddition of an EXPERiUS AS and/or IMS SESM. A hybrid configurationmay be deployed either with a single C20 or in Multi-Homed AS mode.Extension to a hybrid configuration can be performed, in-service, during amaintenance windowGreenfield hybrid configuration deployments requires GENBAND MediaServer (MS) deployment. Extended hybrid configuration deployments can,however, continue to use the existing Media Server (MAS or MS) attachedto the C20–EXPERiUS.Note that a domain can host only one type of user (C20–EXPERiUS or SA/IMS) and a SESM can host only one type of user (C20–EXPERiUS or SA/IMS).Component requirements by configurationThe following table outlines which components are required for each mode.Component AS Standalone AS IMS C20–AS HybridSMSESMFPMDBPROVMandatoryMandatoryAs required by capacity. The SM performs this role for smallsystems.MandatoryMandatoryAM Mandatory Optional MandatoryIPCM Optional N/A OptionalPAAPMWMMBCPMASMSSPiDROptional (may be co-located with PROV or separately asrequired by capacity or security considerations)OptionalOptionalOptionalMandatoryOptionalOptional15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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