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162 Components and

162 Components and configurations15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

163Access clientsThe AS access clients include SIP user agents that provide access to theSIP network, administrator and subscriber provisioning interfaces, and aninterface for administrative system management. SIP user agents can behardware components, such as an IP telephone, software applicationsrunning on a PC, or software applications executed from a Web browser.Subscriber clientsSubscriber access to the SIP services network is provided through theclients described below:• “GENCom for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac” (page 163)• “GENCom for Web and Mobile” (page 164)• “GENCom for Windows” (page 165)• “Personal Agent” (page 165)• “IP Phones” (page 165)• “PhoneEasy SIP Attendant Console” (page 166)GENCom for iPhone, iPad, Android and MacGENCom provides your handheld mobile device and Mac with access tothe AS for telephony and multimedia communications tools. All of thecommon AS client features for calling, directories, logs and presence aresupported. The GENCom application for iPhone, iPad and Mac can bedownloaded from the App Store. For Android devices the GENComapplication can be downloaded from GooglePlay. Other features andservices include:• Click to call - easily call a contact• Video calling - make your call a ‘face to face’ meeting• Instant Messaging - send and receive message to the contacts in yourFriends list• Single Tap Meet Me Conferencing - access your conference bridgewith quick tap15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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