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164 Access clients•

164 Access clients• Single Tap Voicemail retrieval• Call Grabber - grab an active call from another device, such as a deskphone, to your GENCom clientFor more information about each of these GENCom clients, refer to• EXPERiUS AS — GENCom for iPhone Quick Reference (630–01527–01)• EXPERiUS AS — GENCom for Android Quick Reference (630–01527–02)• EXPERiUS AS — GENCom for iPad Quick Reference (630–01527–03)• EXPERiUS AS — GENCom for Mac User Guide (630–01527–04)GENCom for Web and MobileGENCom for Web and GENCom for Mobile are web-based applicationsthat let you access voice and multimedia services through SPiDR fromyour Personal Computer, BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone. Provisionedservices for calling, directories, and logs are supported without the need toinstall application software (a media plugin download may be required).Other features and services for GENCom for Web include:• Click to call — easily call a contact• Transferring a call — transfer a call to a saved phone number or to anentirely new number• Managing multiple calls — place multiple calls on hold or conferencetwo calls together• Call Grabber — grab an active call from another device and continuethe call on your client• Presence — update your current status and view the status of yourFriends• Instant messaging — chat with people in your Contacts listOther features and services for GENCom for Mobile include:• Edit routes — enable, disable, and reorder routes for IMRN calls• Call methods — place calls using Click to call, IMRN, or Direct (mobile)• Change On-Net realm — change realm data for Mobile Extension SSOFor more information about each of these GENCom clients, refer to:• EXPERiUS SPiDR GENCom for Web User Guide (630–01697–01)• EXPERiUS SPiDR GENCom for Mobile User Guide (630-01754-01)15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Subscriber clients 165GENCom for WindowsGENCom for Windows is a software application that transforms your PCinto a telephony and multimedia communications client. The GENCom forWindows application runs on your PC and provides access to AS featuresand multimedia services.GENCom for Windows allows you to communicate using one or moremultimedia functions such as voice, video, or instant messaging (IMconversation). On this client, plugins for Microsoft Outlook augment theinterfaces with unified communication features provided by the AS system.For information about how to use GENCom for Windows and therecommended hardware/software requirements, see EXPERiUS ASGENCom for Windows User Guide (NN48111-121).The GENCom for Windows allows you to select from a series of userpreferences to create a client theme. A theme is a collection of data thatdetermines the GENCom for Windows visual appearance, supportedlanguages, and sound effects.Develop the theme using a Theme Designer Kit (TDK). The TDK is anapplication that allows you to customize GENCom for Windows graphicaluser interface (GUI).For more information about TDK, see EXPERiUS AS — Theme DesignerKit for Clients — User Guide (NN48111–126) and EXPERiUS AS —Administration (NN48111-611).Personal AgentThe Personal Agent (PA) tool allows you to manage services andcommunication preferences on your system as follows:• define treatment of incoming calls• view and customize personal information and services (includingviewing the presence of another user in your domain)• manage, track, and maintain key contact information• establish a call between you and another contact• share files with other Personal Agent users• download GENCom for WindowsIP PhonesA wide range of IP phones from manufacturers such as Avaya, Polycom,and LG are available for deployment with the EXPERiUS AS. They supportSIP voice communications, as well as provide access to many of the ASfeatures not available on traditional PTSN phones.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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