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186 SecurityThe secure

186 SecurityThe secure debug port uses authentication and authorization during thelogon process. AS limits the number of simultaneous access sessions.During the connection process to the secure port, the AS hides the inputpassword. After establishing a connection, communication uses raw mode.The debug port also supports security banners, which require the user toacknowledge the banner.Other security measuresThe AS uses the following measures to enhance security:• A pre-log on warning banner requires acknowledgement before theuser can continue.• A post-log on warning banner.• Security logs capture access information (for example, log on success,log on failure, account lockout, account log on timeout).• Can disable the HTTP port for the System Manager, ProvisioningManager, and Personal Agent Manager.• Certificate Management.• Encrypted database password.• Hardened operating system with file system integrity tools and optionalantivirus software15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

187OAMP strategies and fundamentalsThe following sections contain more detailed information about OAMPstrategies and functionality.• “Configuration fundamentals” (page 187)• “Provisioning fundamentals” (page 193)• “Fault management” (page 232)• “Performance management” (page 233)Configuration fundamentalsThis section provides strategies and methodologies for day-to-dayoperational configuration specific to (or which affect) the elementmanagers used to configure AS.Navigation• “Configuration management strategy” (page 187)• “Network Element Instance maintenance” (page 188)• “OAMP strategy” (page 191)• “Presence management strategy” (page 191)Configuration management strategyGENBAND delivers preconfigured Session Initiated Protocol (SIP)-basedIP network solutions. Process and tool development is geared to thisstrategy. As a result, custom engineering is offered only at an additionalcost through GENBAND Technical Support.After GENBAND completes the installation and base commissioning, youcan use the following checklist to verify completion:• All appropriate hardware equipment and software loads have beeninstalled and loaded as follows:– The network is cabled/connected.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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