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210 OAMP strategies and

210 OAMP strategies and fundamentalsCAUTIONA restart of the provisioning Manager interrupts LDAPsynchronizationRemember, if a monthly synchronization is scheduled for the 29th (orgreater) day of the month, the synchronization will not occur for monthsthat do not contain the number of specified days.Synchronization will partially fail for a domain with user additions if thereare features that are license-keyed and have values unable toaccommodate the addition of new users. In this case, the synchronizationgoes as far as possible until the license limit is reached and then fails afterthat point. Check the availability of license-keyed features and adjustaccordingly to ensure successful synchronization.When the system synchronizes with an LDAP sync database, the firstattribute value of multiple attribute values returned from the LDAP syncdatabase is used.If a synchronization operation fails, system logs indicate the reason for thefailure.If the Provisioning Manager server fails and the standby ProvisioningManager server starts, then the synchronization will be partially completed.A separate schedule is necessary for a synchronization of a standbyProvisioning Manager to occur. The primary and standby ProvisioningManagers do not communicate with regards to LDAP synchronization.Query Test ToolThe LDAP sync Query Test Tool allows the administrator to verifyconnectivity to a configured LDAP sync database. In order to perform thequery, the administrator can enter any node value of a user in the LDAPsync database and click Query LDAP Database.AttentionThe Query Test Tool applies only to the LDAP Sync application. It does not applyto Subscriber Location and Routing (SLR) LDAP.LDAP-enabled attributes prevent end users from making changes in thePersonal Agent. (The Personal Agent is a subcomponent of theProvisioning Manager.) If a non-mandatory field is left blank, then userscan make changes with the Personal Agent.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Provisioning fundamentals 211LDAP-enabled attributes prevent end users from making changes in thePersonal Agent, which is a subcomponent of the Provisioning Manager. Ifa non-mandatory field is left blank, then users can make changes with thePersonal Agent.User managementThis section describes how to manage the users using the ProvisioningClient. It covers the following topics:• “Managing user functions” (page 211)• “Setting up Converged Desktop services and users” (page 211)Managing user functionsOnce a domain or subdomain is provisioned, an administrator isresponsible for managing the following user functions:• adding, viewing, modifying, or deleting users (including convergedusers) from the domain or subdomain• adding, viewing, modifying, or deleting IP Phone device properties• viewing, modifying, or deleting aliases and/or converged aliases• provisioning a user's Meet Me audio conferencing serviceSetting up Converged Desktop services and usersSetting up a user as a Converged Desktop (CD) user allows the end usersto use their PCs for the multimedia portion of their communication, whileusing their existing telephony system for voice.For MVNO Converged Mobility, note the following:• The Cellular DN of the user has to be provisioned in the Cell Phonefield.• The Public DN of the user has to be provisioned in the Aliases field.Services available to Converged Desktop usersServiceAd Hoc ConferenceInteraction with Converged Desktop serviceNot applicable—Subscribers cannot invoke Conferencing, but the CDcall can be included into an conference call when "Converged".Advance Address bookAdvanced ScreeningApplicable—This is used by the "Converged" client to save othersubscribers' calling information. The address book can be used tooriginate calls.Applicable—This provides the advanced routing and screeningcapabilities from the Personal Agent. Assigning this service to thesubscriber would give the subscriber complex call capabilities.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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