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212 OAMP strategies and

212 OAMP strategies and fundamentalsServices available to Converged Desktop users (cont'd)ServiceCall ParkInteraction with Converged Desktop serviceNot applicable—CD users cannot park or retrieve calls whileconverged, but the call from a CD user can be parked.Calling Line IDRestrictionConverged DesktopPartially applicable—This service is applied when using click-to-call inthe "Converged Mode" or using another client for origination of callsfrom the system. If Calling line restriction is required from a TDMphone, then this service would need to be provisioned on the TDMswitch providing the service to the phone.Applicable—Set to the following for CD service:Setup: Converged DesktopConverged Desktop: EnabledDevice AccessRestrictionsIM ChatroomMeet Me conferencingMusic On HoldNetwork Call LogsPresenceQoSUnified CommunicationVideoVoice MailNetwork Call LogsPartially applicable—Not used by CD users unless the CD user isgoing to be logged on to a IP Phone.Applicable—can be assigned to a CD user to access conferencingbridge and chat room.Not applicable—not fully supported.Applicable—logs all calls either in the simplex or complex callscenarios.Applicable—presence of a CD user is based on the CD Clientregistration. If the CD Client is not registered, presence of the CD useris not updated.Not applicable—not applicable unless the CD user is "Unconverged"or logged on to another client.Applicable—similar to voice mail, so call will be complex if the CD useris assigned a voicemailbox. Assigning this service to the subscriberwould give the subscriber complex call capabilities.Applicable—this would allow the CD user to perform point-to-pointvideo with another subscriber.TDM-based voice mail, if assigned to the CD user, will make allterminating calls complex. Assigning this service to the subscriberwould give the subscriber complex call capabilities.Applicable—logs all calls either in the simplex or complex callscenarios.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Provisioning fundamentals 213IP Client Managers provisioningThis section describes IP Client Managers (IPCM) and IPCM clusters. Theadministrator must have IPCM provisioning rights to perform the taskspertaining to IPCMs.The IP Client Manager is a network application capable of managing many,supported-UNIstim internal IP Phone devices, while maintaining the callstate and phone settings. The IPCM also implements features (forexample, stock queries and personal directory) on the IP Phone.An IPCM belongs to an IPCM Cluster. This cluster is used to define whichdomains or subdomains the IPCM is allowed to service. An IPCM canservice any user and any IP Phone that belongs to a domain or subdomainthat has been assigned to its cluster. Users are refused service if theybelong to a domain or subdomain that has not been assigned to the clusterand attempt to log on through an IP Phone. IP Phone devices are refusedservice if they belong to a domain or subdomain that has not beenassigned to the cluster and attempt to connect to the IPCM.Voice Mail servers provisioningWith the Provisioning Client, you can provision third-party voice mail serverinformation to• configure call to route to voice mail• associate users with a voice mail server• set up a voice mail server to receive message waiting indication (MWI)notificationsAttentionThe administrator must have provisioning rights to provision the voice mailservers.Voice mail server typesThe following voice mail server types are supported as described in thefollowing table.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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