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30 Services and

30 Services and featuresmessages are cached at the AS SESM, if either the client has notregistered or Check-Sync is not supported by the client. Upon receiving theNotify message, the client reboots and contacts the DHCP server to obtainthe IP address information for the PDS during the reboot. After obtainingthe PDS IP Address, the client contacts the PDS for the latest configurationfile to download. The clients support FTP, TFTP, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPSconnections for downloading configuration files and firmware from thecorresponding PDS.For PDS systems that cannot make SIP calls but are capable of using aSOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)-based Web service interface, arequest is made to the AS Personal Agent (PA). The PA then sends theSIP Notify message to the AS SESM. After receiving the SIP Notifymessage, the SESM returns a response to the PA before attempting tosend the Notify to the registered client. In this process, the PA acts like aSOAP-to-SIP conversion module. Except for this difference in the initialprocessing by the PDS, the basic functionality, as described in thescenario in the paragraph above, is the same.ServicesThis section contains overviews of service features.Alias Routing ServiceThe following section describes the Alias Routing Service feature.Feature descriptionAlias Routing Service forces calls to be routed to the Gateway beforerouting them to another subscriber.Call destination can be• an MCD user• a Mobile Extension• an AS userIf the destination is an AS user, the GSM network routes the call backto that AS, which then terminates it on an AS client.• a GSM phoneFeature operationTranslations Service can only route the calls with numeric destination to aGateway. When a MCDMobile Extension user dials a SIP address or not anumeric destination, Alias Routing Service replaces the destination or theaddress with a DN of the end user, and the server validates the destinationDN before routing the call to the GSM network through a Gateway.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Services 31The call routed to the client by way of a gateway route is terminated (at theclient) if the IMDB database query returns a DN. If a user has multipleDNs, only one of them will be used.The call is routed through SIP if the IMDB database query returns no DNs.AnnouncementsThis section describes Announcements.Attentionthe Announcement feature is not supported for C20–EXPERiUS SIP lines butsupported for C20–EXPERiUS CD lines.Feature descriptionThe Announcements service plays a recording for causes, and treatments.A network requires announcements in order to:• provide users with call status indicators and internal session managerconditions (treatments).• provide a recording of causes in an all-circuit busy situationIf a call is not successfully completed, the system plays appropriaterecording for a Treatment or a Cause.Each announcement consists of one audio message or a sequence ofchained messages to play indefinitely. The administrator configures theannouncement to loop a defined number of times or indefinitely. Theadministrator inserts announcements in a pre-call state and swap inserviceor in-reserve announcements; for example, use of a holidayspecificannouncement for a specified amount of time is possible. It is alsopossible to make multiple announcements active in the network.This feature supports multiple languages.An announcement server can support announcements in differentCODECs (G.711 and G.729) and packet interval times (10 ms, 20 ms, 30ms, and 60 ms). This server supports .wav file format for announcements.Assistant ConsoleThis section describes Assistant Console.Feature descriptionThe Assistant Console functionality allows an individual to function as anassigned Assistant in the AS system. The Assistant Console service givesan assistant limited access to the calls of another subscriber (Assisteduser). The Assistant Console service is functional on the following accessclients: UNIStim IP Phones, GENCom for Windows, and GENCom for15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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