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42 Services and

42 Services and featuresConcurrent subscribers can log on to an IP Phone. However, when auser makes an emergency call, the line that established the call is theonly active call and the IP Phone ignores all other lines. This means theIP Phone does not present incoming calls for other logged-onsubscribers.Equal Access subnetThis section describes the Equal Access (EA) subnet feature.Feature descriptionEA supports the option to select different carriers for long-distance calls.Carrier selection is done at the C20. When a call comes in to the C20, itmakes the carrier selection according to EA Prefix of the called number.EA Prefix is used within AS to route the users to a system default carrier. Ifthe EAPrefix of the number dialed is other than AS default carrier, then ASroutes the call to C20.Fixed Mobile Extension and Call GrabberFeature descriptionFixed Mobile Extension provides mobile handsets with a level of Centrexcall feature capability normally associated with fixed SIP devices such asphones, terminal adapters, and soft clients.Key capabilities of the Mobile Extension feature are:• Single business number for incoming and outgoing calls• Single business dial-plan from mobile handsets including extensiondialing• Single point of configuration for call forwarding and advanced callrouting• Consistent call handling features across fixed and mobile terminalsOriginations for Mobile ExtensionsAs part of the Mobile Extensions functionality, mobile originations must beredirected from the mobile network to the fixed network so they can receivecall processing functions from the C20 or AS. When the C20 or ASreceives the call from the mobile network, the SIP application serverapplies logic to re-originate the call as if it had been originated by a regularSIP device.Centrex Dial Plan for C20 SubscribersThe Mobile Extension Subscriber is provided with a dial plan that isconsistent with the Centrex dial plan established on the C20. MobileExtension enables the subscriber to use this dial plan not only from SIPdevices, but also from their associated Mobile Extension Mobile Handset.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Services 43The behavior of the mobile handset changes when Mobile Extension isintroduced such that the subscriber must prefix their calls with the externalcall prefix to adapt to the C20 Centrex dial plan.Terminations for Mobile ExtensionsCalls terminating on the C20 or AS must be delivered to the handset in themobile network without unnecessary service interactions. For terminatingcalls the C20 or AS SIP application server delivers the call to anyregistered SIP devices and the handset in the mobile network according tothe subscriber's preferences.When a call to the business number is received by the C20 it is thendelivered simultaneously to all registered Mobile Extension SIP Devicesand to the associated Mobile Extension Mobile Handset. When the call isanswered on any of the Mobile Extension SIP Devices, the Mobile Handsetand all other registered SIP Devices stop ringing.PresenceThe C20 can be configured to dynamically change a subscriber's presencestate to indicate that they are Active On The Phone when they start a callusing a SIP device and subsequently return the presence to its previousstate when the call is finished. For a Mobile Extension Subscriber, thisability to dynamically update the presence state is extended to include callson the Mobile Extension Mobile Handset.Calls on the Mobile Extension Mobile Handset or Mobile Extension SIPDevices only cause a change to the Active On The Phone state when thecall is fully established. The state does not change during call setupphases either for originations or for terminations.Presence state does not change when the mobile device powers down.The presence idle state indicated for subscribers when they are not in acall is dependant on the SIP device or devices being used by thesubscriber. A SIP device running on a PC for example may change thepresence state from Active Available to Connected Inactive when thesubscriber has not used the keyboard or mouse for a specified amount oftime. A SIP desk phone, however, may simply mark the subscriber asbeing Connected.Mobile Extension Subscribers continue to take their presence state fromany Mobile Extension SIP Devices when they are registered. The state ofthe Mobile Extension Mobile Handset is not used to update the presencestate of the Mobile Extension Subscriber unless the subscriber is active ina call on the Mobile Handset. The Mobile Extension Subscriber presence15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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