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46 Services and

46 Services and featuresPilot DN Number HuntingAll hunt groups have a pilot DN or URI which serves as the primary indexto the record associated with the hunt group. A pilot subscriber is a pseudoor internal subscriber representing the pilot DN/URI only. The pilotsubscriber therefore cannot register a client and therefore cannot initiate orreceive calls.There are two sub-types of Pilot based hunt groups:• Multi-line Hunting (MLH)• Distributed Line Hunting (DLH)Both MLH and DLH groups are accessed by dialing a pilot DN/URIassociated with the hunt group.A DLH group is assigned to groups requiring an equal distribution of calls.Hunting is circular in type and remembers the last group member that wasconnected. Hunting starts at the next group-member and hunts then to thenext available group member. As the last member in the hunt group isreached, hunting continues from the starting point of the hunt group.Hunting stops once the loop completes.An MLH group is sequential and searches for available members from thestarting point of the group to the last member. Each incoming call alwaysstarts at the same starting point of this group and is rolled to an availablemember in that hunt group. If the hunting reaches the last member in thehunt group member list, it does not roll to the first member in the huntgroup.If a MLH or DLH hunt group member is called directly, hunting does notoccur.A hunt group member can be a member of multiple MLH and DLH groups.Directory Number HuntingEvery subscriber in a DNH group has a unique DN or URI. The hunt groupis accessed by dialing any DN or URI subscriber in the group. If the pilotDN/URI is dialed, the call is rejected with a 480 Not Available message.DNH groups are hunted either through sequential or circular hunting. Acircular DNH group starts hunting at the number dialed, and hunts to thenext available group member. As the last member in the group is reached,it continues from the first member in the hunt group member list. Huntingstops once either when an available member is found or the hunting loopcompletes. A sequential DNH group starts hunting at the number dialedand ends at the last member in the group member list.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Services 47A DNH hunt group member can only be a member of a single DNH groupand cannot be a member of MLH and DLH groups.Hunt Group typesA Hunt group is made up of subscribers assigned Hunt Group service. Allmembers of a Hunt Group must be served by the same AS, which canspan multiple SESMs.Hunt Group ServicesThe following services are available to hunt groups:• Call Forward Group Don’t Answer (CFGDA): CFGDA, which applies toDNH, MLH, and DLH hunt groups, determines the action to be takenwhen a hunt group member does not answer a call. The hunt groupadministrator specifies the number of seconds to try hunting a huntgroup member, the action to be taken if the timer expires, and theaction to be taken if all hunt group members are unavailable.• Overflow route: If hunting to next route group member is selected, andall hunt group members are unavailable, then the hunt group forwardsthe unanswered call to the hunt group administrator specified directorynumber or URI, announcement, or treatment.• Stop Hunt: This option is assigned to a hunt group member and causeshunting to stop at that group member. If the group member fails toanswer the call, then the call is treated as if the call has exhaustedavailable hunt members and the hunting overflow rules are applied.SHU applies to DNH, MLH, and DLH hunt groups.• Advanced Routing: The hunt group administrator can toggle advancedrouting functionality on or off. If active and enabled against the huntgroup, advanced routing and call forwarding rules are applied. ForDNH, the dialed hunt group member exhausts all advanced routingoptions before proceeding to the CFGDA rules. The advanced routingrules of going to voicemail or providing treatment are ignored and thecall follows the CFGDA rules. For hunting the remaining DNH huntgroup members, advanced routing rules run in parallel with CFGDA. Ifthe CFGDA timer expires prior to the advanced routing options, theadvanced routing routes are canceled and the call follows the CFGDArules. For MLH and DLH, advanced routing rules run in parallel withCFGDA. If the CFGDA timer expires prior to the advanced routingoptions, the advanced routing routes are canceled and the call followsthe CFGDA rules.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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