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50 Services and

50 Services and featuresFeature operationThe MCT can be activated during the offending call or after the offendingcall, as long as the subscriber has not received or made another call. Theonly information that the subscriber will receive after initiation is a toneindicating whether or not the call trace was successful.Once the trace is completed successfully, a tone or "Trace successful"announcement sounds. A different tone or announcement sounds if thetrace is unsuccessful.Malicious Call Trace enhancementThe call tracing feature allows determining the source of nuisance orthreatening calls and identifying lines on demand. Prior to the introductionof this enhancement, there were three MCT types of call tracing: Post Call,Mid Call, and Automatic Tracing. This feature enhancement introduces twoadditional usage types: Terminating Call Tracing and Outgoing CallTracing.• Terminating Call TracingThe Terminating Call Tracing feature identifies a nuisance callingnumber by enabling all incoming calls to a specified DN. Theoriginating DN, the terminating DN, last forwarding number, time anddate of the call, duration of the call, intra or inter domain call, andprivacy enabled or disabled is displayed for each call terminated to aspecified user.Terminating Call Tracing is enabled by selecting the Enable terminatingcall tracing checkbox in the Malicious Call Trace portlet, whenMalicious Call Trace is configured for a user.• Outgoing Call TracingThe outgoing call tracing feature allows the tracing of nuisance calls toa specified DN suspected of originating from a given system. Alloutgoing calls to a specified DN from a system are logged to identifythe malicious caller. A printout containing the originating DN,terminating DN, time, and date is generated for every call from thatdomain to the specified user.To activate Outgoing Call Tracing for calls placed to a specified user,that user is entered in Outgoing Call Tracing list in the System Data tabof the Malicious Call Trace portlet. All outgoing calls to a specified userfrom that system are then logged.15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Services 51Country TonesFeature DescriptionCountry Tones is a feature that allows a Carrier to provision and use newcountry and language identifiers in the AS system (in addition to thecountries already pre-defined in the system) and associated tone sets inthe MAS or GMS (depending on the server in your configuration) for use bythe AS features.When AS is deployed into new countries and languages, the Carriers needto be able to provision and use new country/language identifiers withoutwaiting for a new AS release to be available that contains new countryidentifiers that have been pre-programmed into the release. Once a newcountry identifier/language is provisioned, the Carrier needs to be able toassociate a new tone set with the country/language.Service InteractionsThe services running on SESM that generate a locale parameter orAccept-Language header for sending to MAS or GMS are affected. Thefollowing is a list of these services:• Tones• Branding• Colorful Ringback Tones• Priority Ringback• Starcode Ringback• Ringback• Ringback for Forking• Treatment• CLI Notification• Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)• Basic Call Origination (IPTel OCM)If the call is forwarded or redirected, the caller will hear traditional ringbacktones (not Colorful Ringback).PriorityRing, Ringback, and Ringback for Forking were using Domain’sLocale. After Country Tones feature those services will check domain’sHome Language/Country and start to use it firstly. If these parameters arenot provisioned, domain’s Locale will be used.15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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