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96 Services and

96 Services and features• The caller must be added as allowed Intercom originators into the IPLof the called party• The called party must be assigned to the Intercom Termination ServiceAdditionally, there are several interactions that may occur with otherservices. For more information see “Feature interactions”.Last Number RedialThis section describes the Last Number Redial feature.Feature DescriptionThis feature provides EXPERiUS subscribers the ability to redial the lastnumber dialed on any of that subscriber’s devices. A system administratorenables this parameter in your service package in order for you to use oneof the two Vertical Services Codes (VSCs) associated with this feature.The first VSC is used to redial the last number. An additional VSC isprovided to erase the stored number from memory.Feature InteractionsThe Last Number Redial feature interacts with the following callingfeatures:• Call Park• Call Pickup• Blind Transfer• Consultative Transfer• Click to Call• Ad-Hoc ConferencingEach of the services above starts with a basic call, and Last NumberRedial stores the called number. When those services are used, additionalsignalling is sent with the call that may seem like a new called number.That signalling is ignored by the Last Number Redial service.Limitations and restrictionsThe following limitations and restrictions apply:• When a user attempts to start a MeetMe conference, the call to theconference URI is not stored.• Only the following VSCs are stored in memory:– AD_HOC_CONFERENCING_CHECK_STATUS_ID– ANONYMOUS_CALL_REJECTION_CHECK_STATUS_ID15 August 2014 EXPERiUS Application Server NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

Calling/Telephony 97– CALLING_LINE_ID_PRESENTATION_PER_CALL_ID– CALLING_LINE_ID_RESTRICTION_CHECK_STATUS_ID– CALLING_LINE_ID_RESTRICTION_PER_CALL_ID– CALL_FORWARD_IMMEDIATE_CHECK_STATUS_ID– CALL_FORWARD_TO_VOICEMAIL_CHECK_STATUS_ID– CALL_FORWARD_VARIANTS_BUSY_CHECK_STATUS_ID– CALL_FORWARD_VARIANTS_NO_ANSWER_CHECK_STATUS_ID– CALL_PARK_DIRECTED_ID– CALL_PARK_GENERAL_PARKING_ID– CALL_RETRIEVE_DIRECTED_ID– CALL_RETRIEVE_GENERAL_PARKING_ID– CALL_RETURN_CHECK_STATUS_ID– CPU_AGENT_CHECK_STATUS_ID– DO_NOT_DISTURB_CHECK_STATUS_ID– INTERCOM_ID– NETWORK_CALL_WAITING_CHECK_STATUS_ID– NETWORK_CALL_WAITING_DISABLE_PER_CALL_ID– OVERRIDE_CALL_SCREENING_TEMPORARILY_ENABLE_ID– UCD_AGENT_CHECK_STATUS_ID– UCD_QUEUE_CLOSURE_CHECK_STATUS_ID– VOICEMAIL_RETRIEVE_IDMeetMe Audio ConferencingThis section describes MeetMe Audio Conferencing.Feature descriptionThe MeetMe Audio Conferencing feature allows user to set up areservation-less audio conferencing based upon the Media ApplicationServer platform. MeetMe Audio Conferencing users have their own privateconferencing resource available for meetings at any time. Use of thepersonal conference resource is controlled by the conference owner(chairperson), whom the administrator provisions with the service.The chairperson provides the meeting details (the dial-in number, anaccess code, and the date and time) to the conference participants.Participants who dial in early are put on hold and connected to an audiostream of music, advertisements, and/or information configured by the15 August 2014 Product Description NN48111-111 09.02Copyright © 2010-2014 GENBAND. All Rights Reserved.

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