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View - Software Communities

View - Software Communities

What is it• The

What is it• The SharePoint Maturity Model was developed in the Fall of 2010 to bring aholistic view to SharePoint implementation,and add standardization to conversations about functionality, best practices,and improvement.• The benefits of the Model are:– It gives you a holistic understanding of your SharePoint implementation’s currentstate, and lets you define a benchmark for future improvement– It helps you define your strategic roadmap.– Participation expands group data• Does NOT cover:– Public-facing websites– Compliance and regulatory issues– Visual design and branding– Cloud / online versions of SharePoint39 Confidential SharePoint BU

What it covers• Publication• Collaboration• Business Process• Search• People & Communities• Composites & Applications• Integration• Insight• Infrastructure• Staffing & Training• Customizations40 Confidential SharePoint BU

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