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Training sessions on Leadership

Training sessions on Leadership

Theories of management

Theories of management andleadership• Focus on tasks andorganisation• Scientific management(Taylor)• Bureaucracy (Weber)• Administrative shool(Simon)• Organisation school(Minzberg)• Contingency theory,Systems theory• New PublicManagement• Focus on people• Human relations(Lewin)• OrganisationDevelopment (OD)• Contingency theory/Situational leadership• Systems theory• Value management• Change management(Lewin, Burns)• Leadership styles

Managerial competencies• Conceptual skills: Environmental, theoreticalknowledge, experiences• Technical skills: Methods, systems, practices• Human relation skills: Leadership skills,motivation, conflicts, working community,well being at work, coping, climate, etcJorma HirvonenMinistry of JusticeFinland

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