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The Eberly College Magazine, Winter 2007

The Eberly College Magazine, Winter 2007

Honoring Successful

Honoring Successful Graduates:The Departmental Alumni Awardsby Lauren PerettiWhat do a chemist, an author, a philanthropist, a geologist, anda historian have in common with an attorney, a physicist, asociologist and a law student? While some of these individualsare researching science, others are practicing their art; andalthough they may not appear to be connected, in one major waythey are.Each of these individuals developed a solid base of knowledge, skill,and creativity during their education in the Eberly College of Artsand Sciences, giving them the inspiration and ambition to becomesuccessful members of the community. More importantly, they arerecipients of Departmental Alumni Awards, given by the EberlyCollege for their professional achievements.The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences honored outstandingalumni at the Departmental Alumni Awards Recognition Banquetheld on March 16, 2006 at the Erickson Alumni Center.Established in 2006, the Departmental Alumni Recognition Programenables college departments and programs to honor a significantalumnus for his or her civic leadership, community awareness,Arts & Sciences | 12 | Fall 2007

professional life, and cultural andintellectual pursuits. The annualprogram recognizes individuals whomake important contributions to theirfield or community, and whose livesreflect the commitment and excitementgained from a broad arts and scienceseducation.“In a college the size of the EberlyCollege, it shouldn’t surprise peoplehow many truly outstanding graduateswe have, and our new program is oneway of finding these individuals andtelling their stories,” said Dr. MaryEllen Mazey, dean of the Eberly Collegeof Arts and Sciences. The new programwas the idea of Dr. Mazey, whose goalwas to broaden the current Collegealumni recognition program.In 1998, the College Advisory Boarddeveloped the College awards programthat recommends and recognizes sixrecipients a year on a national level.However, Dean Mazey wanted tocelebrate the many achievements of theCollege’s graduates on a local, state, andregional level who have contributed tothe community. The purpose of theprogram is to encourage units of theCollege to identify and salute successfulgraduates, allowing individuals theopportunity to renew or strengthenconnections with their department andits faculty and students.“Enlarging the awards programinvolves departments andadministrators in identifying andrecognizing more graduates for theirprofessional lives and contributions onthe department level,” explained Dr.Rudolph Almasy, associate dean fordevelopment. “In a two-year stretch,every department will have oneoutstanding graduate celebrated.”Bi-annually, each unit of the Collegeoffering a major has the opportunity tonominate one individual forconsideration by the Office of theDean, determining their ownprocedures in identifying a nominee.Recipients are then approved by thedean, who notifies the individual of hisor her selection. The selection criteriaare similar to that of the Collegeprogram.A banquet is held in the spring, and allhonored alumni are invited to campus,where they receive a College medallionspecially cast for the event and acommemorative program. At theceremony, the chairs of the academicdepartments and programs present theaward to each candidate explaininghow he or she has demonstrated thevalue of lifelong learning andcommitment to the diversity of aliberal arts and sciences education.“In a college the size of theEberly College, it shouldn’tsurprise people how manytruly outstanding graduateswe have, and our newprogram is one way offinding these individualsand telling their stories.”“The banquet is an opportunity forrecipients to interact with otherrecipients, College administrators,faculty and students from theirdepartment,” said Dr. AlmasyThe following individuals (in thephoto, left to right) were honored atthis year’s Departmental AlumniAwards Banquet.Charles Blaine Cecil, honored by theDepartment of Geology/Geography;now retired from the U.S. GeologicalSurvey, Washington, D.C.David W. Bott, honored by theDivision of Public Administration; nowthe Director of CommunityDevelopment for the City ofMorgantown, Morgantown, W.Va.Patricia Kearney, honored by theDepartment of CommunicationStudies; now a professor and theassociate chair of the Department ofCommunication Studies at CaliforniaState University at Long Beach, LosAngeles, Calif.Richard M. Kuntz, honored by theDepartment of Philosophy; now anattorney and partner at Bollinger,Ruberry, and Garvey, Chicago, Ill.Jacklyn A. Gonzales, honored by theWomen’s Studies Program; now astudent of the WVU School of Law andemployed by Allan Karlin andAssociates, Morgantown, W.Va.Christopher A. Snyder, honored by theInterdepartmental Studies Program;now a professor and chair of theDepartment of History and Politics,and director of the honors program atMarymount University, Washington,D.C.Stephen F. Traynelis, honored by the C.Eugene Bennett Department ofChemistry; now a professor ofpharmacology at the Emory UniversitySchool of Medicine, Atlanta, Ga.William E. Wallace, Jr., honored by theDepartment of Physics; now a principalscientist with the National Institute forOccupational Safety and Health(NIOSH), Morgantown, W. Va.John W. Ryan, honored by theDepartment of Sociology/Anthropology; now a professor andchair of the Department of Sociologyat Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.The upcoming Departmental AlumniAwards Banquet will be March 14,2008. If interested in nominating analumnus for the 2007-2008 recognitionprogram, consult the department chairor program director of the candidate’sunit.Arts & Sciences | 13 | Fall 2007

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