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The Eberly College Magazine, Winter 2007

The Eberly College Magazine, Winter 2007


ContentsFEATURESON THE COVER23467891011121314161820222734The Importance of Graduate Education by Jennie Hunter-CeveraThe Graduate Frontier by Katherine E. KlineSocial Work and Public Administration Reach Out to All West Virginians by Sarah BraswellReinforcing Your Dreams by Katherine E. KlineAnticipating Student Needs by Christopher RichardsonThe Legacy of Lewis: History for the People, by the People by Sarah BraswellCivil War Studies: Things are Coming Together by Rudolph P. AlmasyFrom Academics to Industry by Sarah BraswellLeaving on a Jet Plane by Christopher RichardsonUnderwater Research that Leads to the Stars by Katherine E. KlineHonoring Successful Graduates by Lauren PerettiThe Transformation of Brooks HallTeacher, Mentor, Friend by Sara PritchardBreaking the Boredom of Bagram by Michael F. Detweiler, Ph.D.Mountaineers Take Top Academic Prizes by Allison Brown and Lauren PerettiThe Eberly College Welcomes New Faculty MembersEberly Faculty Improve International Education by Allison BrownGraduate Students Need Enrichment Dollars Too! by Rudolph P. Almasy, Ph.D.DEPARTMENTS1242829Letter from the Dean: Graduate Students Enrich Arts and SciencesAround the CollegeDispatches from the Diaspora: Broadcasting from the Left Coast by Matty StaudtA Student’s Eye View: Coming Home by Charles D. Dusch, JrEberly College of Arts and SciencesWest Virginia UniversityPO Box 6286, 201 Woodburn HallMorgantown, WV 26506-6286304-293-4611(t), 304-293-6858(f) make sure that you don’t miss thedean’s monthly email letter to alumniand friends of the Eberly College,please keep us updated on new andchanged email addresses. Send yourinformation to you.Jane DonovanMagazine EditorSarah BraswellKatherine KlineLauren PerettiAllison BrownWritersHeidi SpechtDesignMary Ellen Mazey, Ph.D.Dean of the CollegeJoan Gorham, Ed.D.Associate Dean for Academic AffairsFred King, Ph.D.Associate Dean for Research and Graduate StudiesRudolph P. Almasy, Ph.D.Associate Dean for DevelopmentAsuntina S. Levelle, J.D.Assistant Dean for Financial Planning and ManagementKatherine Karraker, Ph.D.Assistant Dean for Student AffairsL. Christopher Plein, Ph.D.Assistant Dean, School of Applied Social SciencesWest Virginia University is governed by the Board of Trustees of the University System of West Virginia: Dr.Brian E. Noland, Chancellor; Mary Clare Eros, Chair.

LETTER FROM THE DEANGraduate Students Enrich the Collegeit possible for the College to recruit academically-competitivegraduate students and then to provide them with the hands-onresearch experience necessary to complete a top-quality master’sor doctoral degree.Tom Wilson, Professor of Geology, is an excellent example of anEberly College faculty member whose initiative, paired withimportant research, has gained significant funding from privateindustry. Tom’s work attracted the donation of software fromLandmark Corporation and Schlumberger Corporation valued atmore than $8 million. Experience with this software well preparesour students for a competitive labor market upon graduationfrom WVU.AAs I reflect on my two years as Dean of the Eberly College of Artsand Sciences, I am pleased to report to you on the significantprogress we have made toward building greater national andinternational recognition of our academic programs, faculty, andstudents. This year’s freshman class is the most academicallyaccomplishedin WVU history, with a record 29 National MeritFinalists, an average high school grade point average of more than3.3, and considerably higher ACT and SAT scores than in pastyears.Even as we celebrate the rising status of our undergraduatestudents, we must remember that the quality of our graduateprograms is essential to providing those undergraduates with anoutstanding education. More than 500 graduate assistants areinvolved in teaching undergraduate courses offered by the EberlyCollege, as well as earning their own advanced degrees that willprepare them for careers in industry, government, and academia.All too often, the importance of our graduate programs is not wellrecognized, so we are devoting this issue of The Eberly CollegeMagazine to Graduate Education.At a time when the College boasts record enrollment – more than7,000 undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring inthe disciplines that fall under the purview of arts and sciences –we have continued to increase our external funding. This pastyear our faculty generated more than $9 million fromcompetitively-based federal grants, private industry, andindividual donations. These grants not only make it possible forour faculty members to pursue their own research; they also makeAdding to the successes of some of our long-time facultymembers, we are pleased to add new faculty who are competingsuccessfully for external funding. For example, Jim Belanger, anew associate professor of biology who joined us this year fromLouisiana State University, brought NSF funding with him. Thearrival of Dr. Peter Carmichael, the new Eberly Family Professorof Civil War Studies, drew a major private donation that will helpto build our national reputation in his field and attract newgraduate students to the history department. Our goal is tocontinue to recruit faculty who bring the research portfolio andfunding that will continue to enhance our national standing as aresearch universityAs we work toward increasing the number of graduate students,we plan to offer more 3+2 and 4+1 programs. These speciallydesignedprograms enable undergraduates to do a 3 or 4 yearundergraduate program which is linked to a master’s degreeprogram that they can begin early, before completing thebachelor’s degree. These options will appeal to students who seekto earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees in an efficientfive years.Our applied Master’s programs such as Public Administration andSocial Work play a major role in serving the citizens of WestVirginia. I am pleased to report that the Master of Social Workprogram is now admitting students to the program located inCharleston, W. Va. on an annual basis. Dr. Betsy Randall has donean excellent job of implementing this new admission procedure,and we have 32 new students this year.As graduates and friends of WVU, I hope you will assist us inrecruiting both undergraduate and graduate students to this greatinstitution. Some things about WVU have not changed since myday: I received exceptional instruction here, both as a bachelor’sstudent and a master’s student, and I know that our currentstudents do as well.Mary Ellen Mazey, Ph.D.Dean of the CollegeArts & Sciences | 1 | Fall 2007

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