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Anti Money Laundering online manual

Anti Money Laundering online manual

5 Client

5 Client IdentificationClient Type for ID Purposes will default to the Client Type which was selected when the client wasoriginally created.5.1 Individuals and Evidence TabThe Client Name will automatically be displayed for you to add their evidence.The Red Cross indicates that the client has not been identified.If there is more than one client listed, ensure the relevant client is highlighted. Right click on thebottom section under the heading ‘Evidence’, and then click on ‘Add Evidence’. The following screenwill be displayed.On: This will default to today’s date but change it if necessary.Notes: Add any relevant notes if applicable.Evidence Type: Click on the Search button to selectthe type of evidence you are adding.Reference: Enter the reference as applicable e.g.Passport numberScanned: Click to add a tick if the evidence has beenscanned onto a computer.Copied: Click to add a tick if the evidence has beenphotocopiedClient Positively Identified: Click to add a tick once allevidence has been added for this client.By: Click on the Search button to select theAuthoriser.Anti Money Laundering © IRIS Legal 2012 Page 10 of 20

To attach a scanned document click on the import document buttonwindow opens.and the Import DocumentSelect ‘General’ from the Type drop down list, click onthe magnifying glass icon to browse to the location ofthe scanned document, highlight the desired file andclick ‘Open’.The system will return to the Import Documentscreen.Click OKThe system will return to the ML Evidence ofIdentification Screen.The hyperlink next to the ‘Scanned’ tick box will havechanged from ‘No document attached’ to ‘Viewdocument’.Clicking on the hyperlink will open the scanned imagein its associated program.To remove a scanned document, click on the Remove document button .If the evidence is to be scanned directly into the system then click on the scan and import button.Click OK to save the identification entry.To add more than one piece of evidence for the client, check that the correct client is highlighted inthe upper pane and then right click in the lower pane and repeat the above processOnce you have added all the identification for the client click on ‘Finish’5.1.1 Deceased ClientsPlease note that if the client is deceased the system will continue to prompt for AML information inthe normal way. Additional individuals (Personal Representatives) can be added from within the AMLIdentification screen and the usual evidence details added as necessary.Anti Money Laundering © IRIS Legal 2012 Page 11 of 20

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