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Anti Money Laundering online manual

Anti Money Laundering online manual

Select Yes or No if you

Select Yes or No if you wish to produce the Source Document, Click Next to continue.The following screen will be displayedSelect which reports you wish to produce and click Next to continue. Once you have selected thereport you will need to select which sections of the reports you wish to produce and Click on Finish.The reports will then be produced.Anti Money Laundering © IRIS Legal 2012 Page 18 of 20

8 Money Laundering ReportsThe Money Laundering Reports can be found through the PMS top menu bar, if you have permissionyou will be able to view the reports.To access the reports click on Tools, Reports and click on the Plus button next to Money Launderingto expand the list.Select the Report you wish to view from the left hand side of the screen, and the report informationwill be displayed on the Report Info tab describing the content of the report.To access the relevant report click on the Report Criteria tab, add any other relevant information i.e.change the dates and click on either Preview or Print, once the report has been produced, click onthe Red Cross in the top right hand corner to close down the report, you will then be asked if youwish to ‘Save the Report to History’, either click yes or no, if you wish to save the report to historythe report will be displayed on the Report History Tab.To view Reports saved to History click on the Report History tab and double click on the relevantreport you wish to view.Anti Money Laundering © IRIS Legal 2012 Page 19 of 20

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